New Outdoors Hiking Blog Launched – Real Reviews Tips And Advice For Trekkers Worldwide

The creators of a new hiking site are pleased to announce its public launch today. The Hiking Guy is a site designed for hikers by hikers and plans to review the best places and equipment for hiking and trekking by real enthusiasts. There are numerous other sites about hiking, but what sets this new site apart is the fact passionate hobbyists produce it. Their enthusiastic and non-biased writing style is targetted at the enthusiast level, and the launch was specifically timed to coincide with the beginning of the hiking season.

Harvey Garcia, the owner of the site, commented “The entire team involved in this project are passionate and enthusiastic about hiking. They are always discussing the best routes and equipment, and one night in the middle of a heated discussion the idea for this website was born. Over many late nights we worked together to discuss and arrange the format. Hiking is both healthy and fantastic fun, but with so many routes to take and everyone’s limited time we thought it would be perfect to launch a site that explained the pros and cons of each hike. That and of course it gives us the excuse to go on more hikes, all in the name of research of course.”

With the current increase in popularity of hiking, and this close-knit team of passionate and enthusiastic hikers the site is already making some ripples within the hiking community. For more information about the site or if you would be interested in writing for them, please contact Harvey Garcia or trek over to The Hiking Guy.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Hiking Guy
Contact Person: Harvey Garcia
Phone: 201-298-0087
Address:164 60th Street
City: West New York
State: NJ
Country: United States