XII Indoor Event LED Display Screen from HTL Display Launched Formally in Shenzhen City

HTL Display, a distinguished brand in the Chinese LED display manufacturing and supplying industry, recently launched XII Indoor Event Display, a product that the company dubs as the next big thing in their innovation series.

HTL Display, a top manufacturer of LED display systems that can be use either indoors or outdoors or both, recently came up with probably one of the biggest innovation of the company in recent times, the all new XII Indoor Event LED Display Screen. The owners said that the display system that they have innovated can provide a cost-effective solution for trade shows and other types of indoor events. They also told the press that the newly designed stage rental LED display screen can be easily installed and dismantled.

According to the owners, the all new XII Indoor Event Screen has a pixel pitch range of 3.91 mm to 4.81 mm with a cabinet size of 500 mm to 1000 mm. The manufacturers have used die-casting aluminium frame, which makes the rental LED display system quite lightweight.

“It has an ultra-thin body, which helps in reducing the transport costs to a great extent. The Radian lock scale design can be great for connecting to nearly all types of radian.  The product is suitable for main screen display, side screen display, sky screen display and dancing floor screen display as well. It also has a high contrast ratio and a high refresh rate, which eliminates delays effectively. There’s also a status indicator on the backside, which signals about the health of the LED display and the operator don’t have to open the back cover for knowing it,” said a sales officer of HTL Display.

He also informed that the detailed product specifications are given on the official website and anybody can send a general or trade enquiry using the form integrated in their website.

The CEO of HTL Display spoke at the grand launch of the product during a Shenzhen trade show. “Definitely, it’s not the biggest or smartest innovation of HTL Display to date. However, the product has got potentials to become the top performer in its own category, which we all look forward to. It is now to see how well the product performs in terms of overseas sales,” said the CEO.

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