An Innovative Application Brings Augmented Reality to the Study of Science and History!

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 8 June, 2016 – Revolution eMedia has announced the Kickstarter project launch of LearnMore™, an exciting new application that provides a total immersion experience for those interested in the study of science and history. Appealing to all ages, it is riding the crest of a wave of the most ground-breaking learning tools that are now emerging on the technological front.

Led by application developer Michael Hobbs, Revolution eMedia has worked both individually and together to produce educational and instructional content for all types of learners and mediums. According to Hobbs, “Utilizing the model of ‘Augmented Reality,’ the LearnMore™ app works with specially-designed interactive posters to create a learning environment that taps into the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. It connects those senses to powerful experiences that translate into a learning moment that today’s technology-hungry students eagerly embrace.”

LearnMore™ is compatible with both phones and tablets. By pointing a smart phone or tablet toward the specially-designed educational posters, students can watch them ‘come to life’ with an overlay of interactive elements, 3D animations, educational videos, and virtual reality.

Hobbs states, “These are exciting times for technology and education. Learning is no longer limited to linear, text-based resources. Technology has revolutionized how we interpret and process information!”

The LearnMore™ app, with its six companion posters, appeals to all ages and all educational levels. It is targeted to both new learners and life-long learners. Whether it’s exploring Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, the inner workings of a Model T Ford, the basics of human anatomy, the Wright Brothers historic airplane, the fundamentals of the Constitution or the magical symmetry of the solar system – all are accessible through LearnMore™.

Per Hobbs, “Once educational institutions, like schools, museums and libraries see the power of this tool, it will change the trajectory of learning materials – a trajectory that doesn’t discount traditional learning, but enhances it to a point that the lessons learned will remain embedded in the minds of its learners for years to come.”

The Revolution eMedia is currently self-producing the app, posters and content, but they have recently launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign so that they can continue to develop the full spectrum of 3D elements, videos and voice overs and make these posters – and future posters – available to educational organizations and museums in addition to outreach for underserved communities.

For more information about the progress of the LearnMore™ Kickstarter fundraising campaign, please call 1-800-441-5580 or visit

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