Brexit Could Cost UK $50B, Likely Per Best-Seller, Recommended by Christ Re End-Times: Expert

The book of Daniel has been historically confirmed as accurate, but Gabriel told Daniel that his vision was for “the time of the end” which can now be understood as key players seek world dominion.

Leaving the EU could cost UK businesses $50 billion in “non-tariff barriers” to trade from outside the 28-nation bloc. (Bloomberg, 6-6-16) Nevertheless, it is suggested by the imagery in Daniel 7, the only book recommended by Christ, when asked about the end of the world, according to Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy who offers the following explanation.

Daniel uses fierce beasts of prey to represent key players in world dominion. Historically, the lion with eagle’s wings was Babylon. The bear was Medo-Persia and the leopard was Grecia (named in Daniel 8 and referring to Alexander the Great as its king hundreds of years before he was born,) Finally Rome was represented by the dragon with 10 horns (10 tribes grew out of the Roman Empire and roamed Europe as it fell apart. Also a “little horn” that the Protestant reformers saw as representing the papacy fits history.

But Daniel has a double application; Gabriel told Daniel that his vision in Daniel 8 was “at the time of the end.” The Medes and Persians are geographically Iraq and Iran and since history has confirmed Daniel, we may expect a second application of Daniel 7 where the “four beasts are four king[doms] that shall arise out of the earth” in verse 17. Babylon was already declining, so “shall arise” fits the end-time.

How appropriate those beasts are to represent major players now. The UK uses the symbol of a lion. The US has an eagle. Russia has been represented by a bear for 50+ years. The 4-headed leopard is an Oriental alliance and the dragon fits the EU with the papacy, but the UK (lion) is separate in Daniel’s imagery.

The big question might be, Will each beast conquer the previous one as in history, or will the lion with eagle’s wings represent a cultural alliance, the bear (Russia) could be military might, China an economic force and the EU with papacy as a religious leadership for a New World Order represented also as the image beast in Revelation 13 and ridden by the papacy—as seen in the 17th chapter where it alone fits the description of a church involved with rulers of nations, wealthy, dressed in scarlet, sitting on seven hills.

Some have wondered why the US isn’t seen in Bible prophecy, but they aren’t seeing it as the two-horned beast “like a lamb” that comes out of the earth in Revelation 13. Every other beast comes out of the sea which is said to be peoples, nations, and multitudes in the 17th chapter.

Coming out of the earth instead of sea would fit the US, emerging in the unpopulated New World, and its two horns with no crowns suggest a nation without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America, which also brings fire from heaven (Hiroshima) and causes the world to make an image, a look-alike to the previous (papal) beast of the Old World.

New World Order headquartered in the UN will be like the Old World Order and it is this beast that causes all to be marked so that no one can buy or sell unless they conform. It lso involves false worship with the strongest warning in the Bible not receive that mark at the risk of God’s wrath and plagues, Revelation 14.

Revelation promises a blessing to all who read and “keep those things that are written.” It depicts church leaders as blind with materialism and naked (loins not girded with truth) in the 3rd chapter. Blind would include not seeing what’s impending and believing it doesn’t matter because they think they will be “raptured” when biblical support for that belief is lacking.

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