ATryBox, a global user testing marketplace designed to bring product developers and launchers the insight and communication channels they need to be successful, this week officially launched its platform for all business interaction and questions. Born from a passion for making usability and user testing as seamless as possible, ATryBox brings customers over thousand of US-based testers, simple pricing with automated payments, and research capabilities for identifying target markets and expanding upon the results.

“So many inventors go through great lengths to create and develop their amazing products, but fall short when it comes to thoroughly testing and curating it to target the right crowd,” said Anastasia Platonova, Founder and Owner of ATryBox. “Our platform brings everything a product creator could possibly need for identifying, fixing, and perfecting their new product or features. We connect them with people, the right people, who can give meaningful feedback and turn into customers if the product is built right.”

ATryBox customers can schedule personal meetings, phone calls, remote usability tests, surveys, and communication through the platform with the people who meet the target profile. They are able to filter who tests their product by location, age, interests, and professional areas. Additionally, users can receive live video of how testers use their product or run a survey using the ATryBox Survey Engine.

“We know product development and rollout is an incredibly stressful and fast-paced production, which is why our platform will provide users with tester confirmation and completion in a matter of days,” said Anastasia. “We want these hard working innovators and developers to receive testing results they can build a sustainable business model around, which is why our pricing is incredibly affordable. Spread the word on the launch of our platform, and head on over to see what it’s all about today.”

ATryBox’s price calculator makes it easier for users to calculate their user testing pricing after scheduling calls, tests, surveys, and other custom communication.

About ATryBox, Inc.

ATryBox Inc. is a privately held New York based startup that is dedicated to create User Testing Marketplace that can help founders, product managers and customer experience experts to test their products by connecting them with people across the US, who’re ready to participate in user testing activities, personally and remotely. Founded in 2015 and launched in June 2016 ATryBox brings their customers a base of more than 1,000 testers with the June 2016 launch.

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