How Kenyan instagrammers are turning photos into cash while businesses find a new advertising opportunity

The influence of social media in today’s lifestyle has become significant and considering the same a number of businesses and individuals are promoting their product/service using the popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter among others. However, most of them don’t find success in doing so due to lack of knowledge and the right strategy, this is when companies like The InstaMedia comes into light that helps the businesses in marketing themselves using the power of The Instagram, in the right way.

The InstaMedia is a creative ad agency that assists the brands in launching and promoting their product/service using marketing campaigns through micro influencer, (Users with 1000+ followers), engagement.

“Smaller Instagram influencers (1000+ followers) have a high engagement due to most of their followers being family and friends,” – Founder, The InstaMedia, Khamis Hamis explains.

Using a network of micro influencer, The InstaMedia can promote your brand, events, books, fundraising campaigns, apps and more. These micro influencers have a small following that consists of family and friends; you could expect maximum exposure for your brand or services. The clients can use the creative images taken by the micro influencer for their brand to be used on TV, magazines or social media platforms.

TheInstaMedia also manages the client’s social account to get more followers and increase their engagement to their feed.The campaign is created as per the client’s needs and goals for their brand. They can include hashtags and captions if they want. The influencers are selected completely based on the client’s criteria and target audience that is potentially interested in the product or brand. After the end of each campaign, the client will be provided with a detailed report containing information about the campaign reach including its impressions and hashtag tracking.

To apply for the The InstaMedia marketing campaigns, the user must have at least 1000 followers on Instagram.

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