Defrauded Inventor, to give away a free Cat Toilet Training System to every cat owner in America!

She slapped her name on my product and claimed she was the inventor, Kevin Herrington of Shark Tanks funded her and they made millions on my invention.

FRUIT HEIGHTS, UT – 8 June, 2016 – Hi, my name is Ernie Hemple and in 1978 and I invented the Kitty Whiz Transfer System and the toilet-train your cat industry, to date, there have been over a billion YouTube views of toilet-trained cats. 

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The Kitty Whiz was the very first product to ever toilet train a cat. Unfortunately, like many new products, the Kitty Whiz had a few bugs, so I was more than amazed when Rebecca Rescate slapped the name Citi Kitty® on my product and claimed to be the inventor, and that she did this on the top-rated national TV show, ABC’s Shark Tanks.

Not only did she defraud Shark Tanks, she defrauded the patent office, by not showing prior art and because of her deception, she is probably facing some criminal problems.

On the legal front, our lawyers are in the process of filing a lawsuit against Miss Rescate to invalidate her patent, for fraud and for copyright infringement and against Shark Tanks for damages Brite Ideas, LLC incurred due to Shark Tank’s lack of due diligence in the perpetuation of Rescate’s falsehoods.

Unfortunately, cat owners who purchase the Citi Kitty product are also facing the problem of having purchased a product, which in many cases can only partially toilet-trains a cat. However, the good news is that since Mr. Hemple has done so well with his software company, he has decided to give away one free $29.95 single use version of the Bye, Bye Litter, Advanced Cat Toilet-training System ™to anyone who would like to toilet-train their cat. Just visit and click on the FREE button, or click on this link:

The new Bye, Bye Litter System solves the Kitty Whiz and Citi Kitty’s® pooping on the floor problem. It does this by simply making the tray deeper. This patent pending feature is critical to helping the cat being toilet-trained, to completely disassociate from the litter box. That means when the training is completed, the results will be an amazing totally toilet-trained cat.

Actually, training is probably the wrong word, because there is no training involved. The process is automatic: The Bye, Bye Litter System simply redirects your cat’s natural behavior and will toilet-train most cats in 2 to 8 weeks. In addition, the Multi-Use version is reusable. 

Here is how it works. Simply put the tray on the toilet, fill with litter, sprinkle on the special blend of herbs and your cat will start using the toilet immediately. Then every few days, remove one of the rings. In as little as two weeks you will have a completely toilet trained cat. It’s automatic. The free offer is not a “try it now and pay me later” deal. It is TOTALLY FREE*.

*The product is 15″ x 15″ x 3″ and must be packaged in a $3 corrugated box to safely ship. Postage is $6.95 through USPS. So, the $29.95 single-use version is free, but 9.95 S&H is each cat owner’s responsibility. Only one FREE product per address. The free offer is only available through for the duration of this campaign.

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