Local Edison Roofing Company Stresses Roof Inspection Before It’s Too Late

Edison, NJ – Summer is in full swing, and many New Jersey homeowners are ticking home remodeling projects off of their lists. With so many great remodeling projects and spring cleaning tasks on those lists, it isn’t any big wonder that most residents aren’t thinking much about the overall structure of their homes. While a new exterior paint job and power washing the deck will improve a home’s curb appeal, having a roof in top condition will add value to the home and a peace of mind to the owners in later months. Edison Roofing Experts is one of the top sources for Roof Repair and installation in the Edison area, and are urging residents to have their roofing systems inspected, before cooler weather arrives.

Most homeowners don’t recognize when something small is wrong with their roofs, or know what repairs might need to be made to remedy the situation. As members of the Edison community, Edison Roofing Experts provides free, professional roofing inspections to anyone in the area. Thanks to their years in the business, Edison Roofing Experts can easily pinpoint the cause of a roofing problem and the best solution for it. After the free inspection, the roofers will sit down with each client and explain any issues with the roof, as well as whether roof repair or roof replacement is a better option. Unlike other roofing companies, Edison Roofing Experts doesn’t charge for their inspections after they’ve been performed, or pressure homeowners into signing anything that may lead to further charges.

Edison Roofing Experts is a company founded on value and ethics. The family owned and operated company has years of experience with roofs, gutters, and even skylights. Edison Roofing Experts knows that their years in business, and particularly as a top roofing company in Edison, are owed in no small part to the people they service. They’re committed to their customers and the quality of workmanship that they provide, standing behind their work one hundred percent, and leaving no job unfinished. The company prides themselves on offering customers a fair rate for work, and never tacking on any hidden fees partway through a project.

“I had my roofing inspection done by Edison Roofing Experts because I was sure that there was some residual damage from a storm earlier in the season,” explains Eileen Moore, a client with the roofing company. “The roofers gave the interior and exterior of my roof a thorough sweep, after which they sat down and explained two problem areas that were found, and what I could do about them. They didn’t make me feel like I needed to enlist their help immediately, nor did they attempt to sell me on an entire roof installation when my problems were only minor weather damage. The roofing contractors from Edison Roofing Experts were friendly and informative, and they made me feel like I didn’t have to spend a dime if I didn’t want to.”

Performing regular roof inspections could help homeowners find and prevent small problems before they become a big deal. Edison Roofing Experts provides free roof inspections in Edison and the surrounding areas for anyone who calls, ensuring that no minor issue is left unchecked. Roof inspection is a great task to add to a homeowner’s summer remodeling list, as a roof is one of the first lines of defense against the elements, and a properly maintained roof can provide peace of mind for years to come.

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