Accumulation and Action, Parkway Display Leads Development of Industry in the New Normal

Recently, the well-known Chinese corporation Parkway Display Products Limited received the invitation to participate in the 2016 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Fashion Household Products. It is reported that Parkway Display, with their exceptional acrylic display products and top-notch service, has made a stunning debut in many international exhibitions, and has received ecstatic welcome from dealers in every show, a great success!

Mr. Vincent Ho, the General Manager of Parkway Display, said in an interview that under the new normal economic background, Parkway Display will keep pace with industrial trends, enact positive transformations, and use these major international exhibitions as development opportunities. They will place greater emphasis on corporate promotion, expand the company’s sphere of influence, and with all dedication, achieve thorough domination of the domestic market in the shortest possible time.

Currently, the acrylic display stands, acrylic display cases, POP cardboard display products and acrylic display boxes made by Parkway Display appear in many major supermarket chains around the world, including Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot, Kroger, Metro, Target, Sears Roebuck, Tesco, and Costco. The reason they have been able to acquire such recognition among so many well-known enterprises is due to the company’s All-In-One supply chain management. Parkway Display has established its own factories in Shenzhen, China to provide specialized manufacturing services, at a faster pace and a fairer price.  Products ship from the factory directly to the supermarkets, thus removing many complications that customers do not understand in the process, as well as eliminating many unnecessary expenses. While ensuring product quality, this model also greatly reduces the associated costs and timeline, maximizing profits for the customers.

As a dark horse contender in the acrylic display industry, Parkway Display has taken the brand development strategy of “Positioning and Striking for Maximum Impact” from the very beginning. A strong presence at the 2016 China (Shanghai) International Exhibition of Fashion Household Products will be Parkway Display’s specific initiative to accelerate national expansion. Mr. Vincent Ho of Parkway Display believes that through international exhibitions, they can extend an olive branch to the most powerful chain stores around the world; it helps to comprehensively demonstrate the corporation’s strength to potential partners, all while speeding up the products’ rollout on a global scale.

As the Chinese idiom goes, “To do a good job, one must first sharpens one’s tools.” As a corporation that has combined design, molding, production, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale all in one, Parkway Display has put quality at the forefront since its founding. They actively understand consumer and supplier demands, grasp market development trends, take action based on accumulated resources and knowledge, and build brand awareness through positive word-of-mouth. However, with the growing social economy and consumption levels, the number of large supermarkets and shopping malls in China will also gradually increase. Although the acrylic display products are currently only acrylic display stands, acrylic display cases, POP cardboard display products and acrylic display box, these products still need to satisfy the consumers’ aesthetic perceptions, and be infused with the new blood of fashion. Parkway Display has considered its customers’ long-term interests, maintained ongoing design research, and continued improving product professionalism — all of which has enabled it to provide customers with the highest-quality products that are simple, stylish, and practical.

The fact that Parkway Display has participated so successfully in so many international exhibitions within just a few short years demonstrates the recognition this company has received for its product design, product quality, and brand image. However, even though Parkway Display has achieved a certain status in the industry, Mr. Vincent Ho still feels that research and innovation have much left to offer. Mr. Vincent Ho told this reporter: “Serving the customers professionally and attentively, and continuously providing high-quality products to the customers, have always been Parkway Display’s pursuits. The horns for the year 2016 have sounded, and Parkway Display is ready for the battle. In the new year, Parkway Display will work closely with customers, continue to create high-quality acrylic display products, expand its sales network, enhance the competitiveness of the company, and keep moving forward in order to achieve the Enterprise Dream!”

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