Genius Vision Expand User Accessibility With The Introduction Of Their Community Edition

London, UK – 9th June 2016 – Genius Vision, one of the leading providers of security system software, has further increased the usability of their range with the introduction of their brand new Community Edition program. This innovative addition to Genius Vision’s range of software is free for non-commercial use and enables users to monitor their security system with any device, making it one of the most accessible solutions available in the industry.

Genius Vision has included a huge number of features into one software package:

• NVR: Network Video Recorder. Record and search video with large amount of storage.

• CMS: Central Management System. Manages multiple servers in multi-layer fashion. Process alarm & events. Manages devices in eMAP.

• IVS: Intelligent Video System. Analyses video content in real-time. High accuracy. Multiple applications including double-tripwire detection, electronics fence, missing object, foreign object, motion detection, and tamper detection.

• 360° Panorama: Records panorama video and see multiple angles in playback. Executes Pan-Tilt-Zoom operation in playback video.

The software is also compatible with both Apple and Android devices and the feed can be viewed live or in playback mode, so users have a wide variety of options available to them to make the most of the software.

The introduction of the Community Edition makes security software far more user friendly and accessible for anyone who wants to monitor and control their own security system. The added benefits of supplying the software for free for non-commercial use and providing online video tutorials has further extended Genius Vision’s reach to include not only big businesses, but also provide access to revolutionary software for personal use.

Through the integration to their Community Platform, Genius Vision further encourages IP video users all over the world to add new camera models support to the list. This dynamic solution utilises the power of collaboration and helps users to connect to all kinds of cameras in the NVR software.

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