Georgia Sales Recruiting Company Announces New Hiring Tactics

Roswell, GA – In order for a company to ensure their long term success, they need to turn the sales hiring process into a competitive advantage. Whether a company is launching a new product or focusing on gaining more market shares, the ability to gain client interest is becoming more and more difficult, as companies now have equal access to tools like LinkedIn and, and customers are continuously bombarded with advertisements for hundreds of companies in a day. Aleant of Roswell, GA provides critical expertise and processes in order to re-engineer a company’s hiring process from a subjective system to a quantitative based system.

In today’s sales market, the goal of any CEO or Sales leader should be to build a hiring process that creates higher levels of value on any seat in the company or sales team. If a sales leader or company puts no effort into selecting team members for their sales department, the assembled team in return will put very low value on the seat, which can impact everything from morale and work ethic, to results and future hiring, and eventually the customer. Aleant implements a sales mapping process and implements EQ, IQ, mental agility, real-time essay, and video testing milestones designed to move the process away from personality traits, in favor of specific levels of tested results.

Pareto’s Principle states that 20% of the sales team produces 80% of the revenue and margins for a company. This rule still holds true for every organization today. One of the biggest steps for this methodology is for companies to benchmark their star performers. Aleant helps corporations establish what quantitative milestones are needed to match each company’s star performers and what subjective areas are necessary to match your star performers. The ultimate goal of the benchmarking process is to build a model that gives a company data and a process to hire more sales personnel that will fit into that 20% of Pareto’s Principle.

“Today’s sales environment moves at light speed,” claims Tony Branson, a spokesman for Aleant. “Tons of info is coming at sales personnel on a continuous 24 hour cycle. Tools like LinkedIn, SalesForce, Hubspot, Marketo, and Clearslide are all contributing to this. Because of this fast paced environment, sales personnel need to be able to make millisecond decisions-evaluating information and crafting a verbal or written response in seconds-like an NFL QB. Aleant gives companies the tools they need to change how they hire, as well as who. One of the biggest resources that we have been using for more than 15 years is the NFL’s Wonderlic Test. That might sound a little strange, but we’re consistently finding that the best salespeople score the same as NFL quarterbacks, like Peyton Manning. This is something you can’t just teach, so we want to help companies locate these people right from the start.”

The Aleant team are experts in global search and recruitment in areas of Business Development as well as Sales & Sales Management. The company applies a proven, quantitative based system, mapped from each company’s sales process, in order to better identify, evaluate, validate, and hire their talent. Their sales talent searches are specifically designed to identify the key skills needed for a superior level of performance and to implement a quantitative approach to hiring sales personnel. Aleant helps businesses in every sector of the economy, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and medical devices, and help such companies to enjoy long term success thanks to a change in how they hire sales personnel.

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