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Many people get out of breath quickly after starting to work out, experience muscle fatigue, and subsequently exercise less than they did previously creating a vicious cycle.

We suggest that the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations can quickly get out of balance in otherwise healthy people during exercise. We further suggest the addition of supplemental oxygen to establish a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) illustrates extreme cases of how carbon dioxide and oxygen get out of balance inside obese, but otherwise health individuals. OHS essentially prevents exercise through a near paralysis of the muscles by the build-up of excess carbon dioxide. Supplemental oxygen can provide relief for some patients with OHS.

Supplemental oxygen was used by Federal Judge Wesley E. Brown to improve his brain functioning permitting him to preside over oral arguments in his 100’s. Recreational and professional athletes have many examples of using oxygen to improve body functioning, increase endurance, and recover faster from strenuous exercise.

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Thus, supplemental oxygen is not just providing oxygen to the body, but it is creating the proper balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen inside the body.

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