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Company CEO Takes Kathy Ireland on a Tour of Next Generation Cyber Security.
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(Los Angeles, CA, June 9, 2016) Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Manoj Leelanivas, President and CEO of cyber defense software solution developer Cyphort. In this feature story, the show delves into a threat that has brought mega stores, credit card companies, and giants of finance to their knees. That ever-present threat is cyber-attacks, and as anyone who follows the news knows, hackers’ techniques are growing bolder and more sophisticated with each passing day.

Mr. Leelanivas explains how his company, deemed by Forbes as the “hottest security startup in 2015,” has developed a solution that deploys a unique combination of machine learning and behavioral analysis to provide advanced cyber-attack protection. He points out that, unlike his competitors who take a one area at a time approach, Cyphort simultaneously covers network perimeters, monitoring contact coming in from the internet, while also tracking lateral traffic within the entire enterprise, including users, machines, and data centers, then collates its risk-prioritized findings together, and displays them on one screen. What really sets Cyphort’s cyber threat protection above and apart from the rest is its employment of a constantly evolving set of learning algorithms that take into account each cyber event as it occurs, allowing it to think like hackers and in doing so, always stay one step ahead of their evasive threats.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, echoes the sentiment of David Strobelt, Chief Information and Supply Chain Officer of Modell Sports who appears within the story, when he says, “One of the reasons government organizations and leading companies choose Cyphort is its team of impassioned experts dedicated to developing ever more advanced techniques to not only go after the bad guys, but to alert solution users as soon as threats are detected.”

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