Rabbi Shlomo Braun joins Zisha Novoseller at Bayis Nemon Headquarters

On Thursday, July 14, 2014 Rabbi Shlomo Braun of Aleh and Zisha Novoseller. Executive Director of EPI addressed an elite group of woman at the Bayis Nemon Headquarters located on 5806 16th Avenue. Bayis Nemon is a group of volunteers who established a bi-weekly gathering to brainstorm and facilitate engagements leading to marriage for young Jewish singles throughout the USA.

Rabbi Shlomo Braun introduced Rabbi Novoseller to the group and praised them for the amazing work being done by these wonderful volunteers.

Novesteller mentioned that the women gathered in the room are partners in Almighty G-d’s work, and made reference to the sages who translated the Talmud that the completion of the deed of having children is after you have arranged a marriage within the Jewish faith. He quoted the Belze Rebbe’s blessing to all who partake in matchmaking that they will be blessed with scholarly and G-d fearing children. R’ Zisha pointed out to the wonderful group how their intervention in setting up young people gives them encouragement to the singles and to their parents.  They also feel  involved and respected by their fellow friends in an atmosphere of love and hope. The volunteer’s greatest success is when they actually feel the pain and empathize with the parents who are anxious to do shiduchim with their children.

Zisha Novoseller graduated from Yeshiva University in English literature. He studied under Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and received ordination from RIETS. Zisha spent 20 years as a senior executive in technology companies with an expertise in organizational management. Novoseller has been in the business of assisting people for over 25 years. With a keen insight into people, he is presently the executive director of Emergency Parnossa Initiative (EPI), assisting job seekers and entrepreneurs alike. The Emergency Parnossah Initiative is a New York/New Jersey-based organization that provides one-on-one service to unemployed people and provides them with life-changing tools to enhance their employment opportunities. Primarily focused on the Yeshiva/Charedi constituency, EPI provides enhancements from how to dress to how to respond when taking an interview. Zisha Novoseller, Executive Director of EPI, says, “Our close work with the OU Job Board and our unique setting within the Jewish community gives us a special insight into the problems of the unemployed.” He points out that EPI’s Business G’mach has put millions of dollars into the community and employed hundreds of people by providing interest-free loans to small business investors. http://www.epinetworking.org/hamodia.pdf

For more information about Bayis Nemon contact Rabbi Shlomo Braun at 718-851-4596 ext. 25 or email to rsbaleh@gmail.org

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