Revolutionary Digital Medicine App eSiddha DigiMed Seeking Crowdfunding Support At Indiegogo

A prominent leader in subtle energy Sri Pranaji has launched crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support of its revolutionary digital medicine app eSiddha DigiMed that delivers wellness solutions via digital transmission.

Penang, Malaysia – 9th June, 2016 – A leader in the world of subtle energy, Sri Pranaji has launched crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his revolutionary digital medicine app eSiddha DigiMed, which is the first ever & only verifiable digital medicine today. Combining archaic energy technology with modern science, DigiMed speaks of an innovative approach of delivering wellness solutions via digital transmission.

With the whole world moving towards apps and web services on wellness & health at a pacing rate, the future seems to be moving away from conventional medicine and eSiddha is here to open a new chapter on tele digital medicine. Sri Pranaji is helped in this futuristic endeavor by his student AbdalQyum Roh. A specialist researcher in digital therapies, Roh is also an IT professional who has developed eSiddha DigiMed’s digital “Click & Cure” service delivery model.

“Our revolutionary proprietary process of DigiMed is based on age-old principles of subtle energy, sound & image patterns that carry subtle energy for mind & body wellness as well as memory signature. This is to note here that subtle-energy is the basis of life force in every living organism. Our innovative process captures subtle-energy for wellness solution, transmits it & activates that energy into digital geometrical & audio pattern. It took us 15 long years to work on it & test its viability and now we are here to offer our futuristic solution to you. But such a revolutionary & bold endeavor demands huge financial backup and hence the crowdfunding campaign- your support would be much appreciated,” stated Sri Pranaji while announcing about the crowdfunding.

Till date, eSiddha has come up with 6 DigiMed products to address various wellness needs. These are DigiMed Venus (to enhance beauty), DigiMed Vigor (for men), DigiMed of Brain (improves intelligence), DigiMed Ease of Relief, DigiMed of Night (for better sleep) and DigiMed of Calm.

“Our breakthrough wellness app is meant to work 24/7 and you can access it anytime. It is a tested solution for holistic wellness that is immensely practical, easy to avail, instantly verifiable through on-spot free trials, naturally safe with no negative side effects & costs just a fraction of other regular wellness solutions.”

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To avail DigiMed, the user would have to register and login to eSiddha, select and subscribe to chosen DigiMed, access DigiMed via Click & Cure method and charge a water-filled glass with DigiMed image & audio. As he drinks the charged water, the user will experience recharged energy & wellness.

Amazing rewards are waiting for the donators. Donations of $30, $60 & $90 will be rewarded with 3 months, 6 months & 1 full year of free subscriptions of DigiMed respectively. A donation of $500 would have the exclusive honor of DigiMed Lifetime perk that signifies lifetime subscription of DigiMed platform.

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