Shenzhen Htile Group New P Series Stage LED Display Products Launched Formally

Shenzhen Htile Group, a top manufacturer of LED display solutions in China, recently launched its latest products from the P Series at a trade show in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Htile Group, a renowned manufacturer of stage LED and outdoor LED display products, recently unveiled the latest of the P Series outdoor LED systems products during a trade show in Southern China. The owners commented that the latest P Series products are all meant for indoor LED display. A press statement was issued on behalf of the company briefing about the newly launched products that are targeted at event organizers and indoor event management groups that offer rental LED screen services.

According to the statement, the new products added to the P Series product subgroup are P4 Indoor LED screen wall, P3 video rental LED display system, P3.9 P4.81 video screen wall among many others. The statement also informs that the products are all made of thin and lightweight metal, which can minimize the freight cost for the operators.

“The stage LED display systems we have are equipped with locks in most cases. They are ultrathin and lightweight. Therefore, these display systems can be easily carried to places,” said a sales officer. “We use highly energy-saving lights in these panels and all the display systems have a considerably high refresh rate. These display systems are ideal for stadiums, theme parks, trade shows, exhibition projects, government projects and for indoor advertisement and entertainment,” added the officer during a demo session of the newly launched products at a press event held in Shenzhen.

The CEO of the company said that his company’s aim is to double the revenue by fiscal year 2017-2018. “We are already doing considerably well in Chinese domestic market as well as in overseas markets. However, we need to focus on the demand in the European market as the market size for our products is growing steadily. Fixed LED display systems are just one type among many that we are offering now. We will also invest time, energy and money in research and development so that more innovative products can be invented in our manufactory,” said the CEO during a press conference held in his Shenzhen office.

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Shenzhen Htile Group is a reputable manufacturer of LED display systems.

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