Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit Launched On Amazon Reduces The Risk Of Road Traffic Accidents

A new headlight restoration and cleaning hit launched on Amazon helps drivers to stay safe on the road

H & A Quality, providers of high quality personal and office products and equipment, proudly announces that its revolutionary Quick-e Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit helps reduces accidents for travelers in low visibility situations. The product, which is available on Amazon is currently priced at $25.95

In highly-motorized countries, inadequate visibility plays a critical role in a variety of accidents particularly at night, during the day for angled or head-on collisions, and any time during poor weather conditions.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHA) defines low visibility as when the “visibility distance is reduced by fog and heavy precipitation, as well as wind-blown snow, dust and smoke.  Low visibility conditions cause increased speed variance, which increases crash risk.”    The FHA goes on to cite that every year over 38,700 vehicle crashes occur in fog in the United States with over 600 people killed and more than 16,300 injured in these accidents.

The World Health Organization’s World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention states that “seeing and being seen are fundamental pre-requisites for the safety of all road users.  Inadequate visibility is an important factor that influences the risk of a road crash among all types of road user.”

Harmful UV rays, halogen bulb heat, weather, and road debris all degrade the look and effectiveness of headlight lenses, reducing illumination by as much as 75%.  This reduced visibility increases the chances of being in an accident by up to 35%.  By using H & A Quality’s Quick-e Headlight Restoration and Cleaning Kit, vehicle drivers can drive with confidence at night and in low visibility conditions, reducing their risk of collision and accidents.  Drivers should never risk driving impaired with foggy, discolored headlights that limit their ability to see.  The premium Headlight Cleaning Kit restores headlamp lenses to their factory-new appearance for perfect clarity.

In only three simple steps the powerful cleaning kit removes discoloration and oxidation in only sixty seconds, adding a layer of UV protection to prevent future dulling. The product effectively restores headlights to like-new condition, enhancing driver and passenger safety as well as the vehicle’s resale value.

The headlight cleaning kits save vehicle owners time and money.  The kit can be used at home, on the road or anywhere and requires no special equipment.  Each Quick-e Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit contains supplies to restore one pair of car headlight lenses including two cleaning wipes, one drying cloth, one polishing wipe for UV protection, and one protective glove.

Customer satisfaction is H & A Quality’s top priority.  For any customer not delighted with the performance of the Quick-e Car Headlight Restoration Kit, a replacement kit will be shipped out at once.

To place an order for the Quick-e Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit or for more information, please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYKGSP8

About Headlight Restoration and Cleaning Kit

Headlight Restoration & Cleaning Kit By H&A Quality – Restores Yellowed, Hazy Vehicle Headlights – Removes Discoloration & Scratches – Offers The Best UV Protection – Offers Results In 60 Seconds.

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