Capsuben: The Perfect Lunchbox for Students and Commuters

Pasadena, CA – Capsuben is a “lunchbox” pushing the boundaries of food portability from the design team of Gin Hall, Omar Juvera, and David Kim. The company was formed in 2015 with the intent to create the perfect lunchbox for students and working commuters by integrating smart insulation, stabilizing geometry, and leak proof features into one product. 

Capsuben is not only producing a stylish lunchbox that can be used by students and workers alike, but is also laying the foundation to make dietary difficulties a thing of the past. The company is also tackling the problems that arise from eating out by turning to the online food community, specifically video bloggers.

“To improve communication with our customers, we apply an innovative business concept to traditional marketing,” the team explains, “By combing social media with video-blogging entertainment, beginner video bloggers are able to generate views and subscribers with the help of our sponsorship program, much like the business concept of Uber.”

The result is a compact, highly functional lunchbox with features that everyone will want, along with a smartphone app that will allow users to share recipes and tips on how to take more nutritious meals to work, school, or anywhere else. The Capsuben Lunchbox is dishwasher safe, microwavable, and has an inner tray that rotates 360 degrees to perfectly balance any meal you want to bring with you on-the-go. Capsuben features smart insulation to keep your food fresh throughout the day and has the room you need to store your flatware when you’re finished. 

“We are now gathering momentum to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in June. 63% of the funds raised from Indiegogo will be used to cover tooling and production costs. The other 37% will be used to kickstart our crowd blogging program, (i.e. camera equipment and blogger contracts),” says the creator, “Please stay tuned for our innovative adventures and subscribe on our website to be notified when we launch.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers will gain access to a variety of rewards including exclusive discounts on the Capsuben Lunchbox in their choice of four colors: red, white, black, or green, along with early access to the “xLunch” app.

For more information, please visit the Capsuben website here or contact the creator below.

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