Wool Dryer Balls Launch On Amazon With A Celebration Discount

Wool Dryer Balls by Cozy Dryer Balls – 100% ORGANIC New Zealand Wool – Reusable 4 Pack XL – Non-Toxic – Perfect for Baby Cloth Diapers – Save Time and Money

Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce they have added a new laundry product to their platform. The Wool Dryer Balls by Cozy Dryer balls are a proven alternative to synthetic and plastic dryer balls. They decrease drying time, which save people money on their utility bills and help consumers avoid using fabric softeners that can contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin.

The Wool Dryer Balls by Cozy Dryer Balls have become a big hit with consumers who want to use Echo friendly products and reduce the amount of time their clothes take to dry. The product works by bouncing between the wet clothes where they circulate hot air, hence helping to dry the clothes quicker.

The Cozy Dryer Balls, which are 100% organic and made out of New Zealand Wool, are currently available on Amazon for a discounted price of $16.99. The reusable four pack, which are a perfect product to use on baby clothes retail at $34.99. A spokesman for Cozy Dryer Balls explained the discounted price is part of their celebration of the success of the product and is for a limited time only.

The New Zealand Cozy Dryer Balls provide many benefits, which includes making the clothes static free. With the product being 100% organic they provide a natural fabric conditioner, which means saving money on expensive commercial fabric conditioners and avoiding irritation they can bring. The total saving on drying time can be around ten minutes, providing a real saving on energy bills.

Product Benefits:

1. Decrease drying time

2. Reduces money spent on utility bills

3. No need to use commercial fabric softeners that can contain chemicals which could irritate the skin

4. Perfect for baby clothes, keeping them soft and chemical free

To learn more about the Cozy Dryer Balls and to take advantage of the discounted price, please visit Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Dryer-Balls-Cozy-ORGANIC-Zealand/dp/B0193M267A

About Wool Dryer Balls by Cozy Dryer Balls

Cozy Dryer Balls have become a market leader. They provide consumers with a way to reduce the time spent drying clothes. They come in a four pack and are Echo friendly. The product is 100% Organic New Zealand wool.

For more information, visit: http://www.amazon.com/Dryer-Balls-Cozy-ORGANIC-Zealand/dp/B0193M267A

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