New Magnetic Building Block Children’s Toy Promotes Creativity And Imagination

MagneTime Club Explore And Develop With Magnetic Blocks Building (Rainbow Colors 30pcs Set) Starter Kit Inspiring Preschool Educational

Inspiring imagination and creative play in preschoolers and young children, MagneTime Club proudly announces the availability of a new building block toy sure to become every child’s favorite, the MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block Starter Set.

The early years of childhood development are incredibly critical to the development of the brain and mental functions.  This is why parents and educators are always searching for new ways to engage children’s imagination and creativity through engaging learning toys.

The MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block Starter Set is revolutionizing the way children learn and play.  Working with a rainbow of colorful geometric blocks improves children’s cognition, motor skills, spatial abilities, and divergent thinking.  Not only will every child find the Starter Set fun and entertaining, it will also enhance the child’s creativity and promote healthy brain development during the most important developmental years of a child’s life. 

Easy to connect and disconnect and providing hours and hours of fun and energizing entertainment, the colorful Starter Set contains 30 magnetic building block pieces with 12 triangle shapes and 18 square shapes, all in a variety of fun vibrant colors.  Made from high quality, toxic-free ABS plastic, the geometric building blocks are completely safe for children age three and older and are sturdy, able to withstand hundreds of hours of energetic play.

A preferred choice by parents and teachers alike, the durable Magnetic Building Block Starter Set is orderable at for only $26.95 and comes with free shipping on all orders over $49. 

For more information about MagneTime or to browse its products, please visit the company’s website at  To order the creative and developmental children’s toy, please visit the product’s webpage here.  The MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block Starter Set makes an excellent gift for parents or grandparents of young children or providers of home daycare services. 

Get the Building Block Starter set today and encourage young children to explore their imagination to the fullest by visiting

About MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block

MagneTime Club Magnetic Building Block is a toy that was designed by two parents who wanted to find a toy that would bring inspiration and allow children to play together. It allows children to use their imagination and skills and brings hours of fun.

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