Hollywood Actor Swindled By Insurance Giant

HOLLYWOOD, CA – 10 June, 2016 – Actor/Writer D. Elliot Woods (‘Marvel: Agents of Shield’ and ‘The Young & The Restless’) and the face of the Particip8 Internet Campaign for young people (www.Particip8ic.org) was a victim of a hit & run driver in mid-May of this year when his auto was rear-ended which then caused his vehicle to strike another car on an LA freeway.

Police suspect that the female hit & run driver was texting and failed to notice that the traffic in front of her had stopped.

Woods suffered multiple injuries including a foot fracture, muscle injuries consistent with this type of accident, a concussion and structural damage to the Actor’s formerly fine set of teeth.

A long-time client of 21st Century Insurance, Woods was shocked to learn that the ‘Uninsured Motorist’ portion of his coverage was not considered applicable because as representatives of the Insurance giant explained, Woods could not prove that the driver that struck his vehicle did not NOT have insurance. Consequently, 21st Century has declined his request for medical and dental expense coverage as well as continually declining to pay the coverage maximum for his automobile which was a total loss as a result of the crash.

This, even though his auto insurance policy clearly states that the responsibility for those expenses DOES, in fact, belong to 21st Century.

Perturbed, that his car was totaled, a couple of teeth were cracked and that he is now attending physical therapy 3 times per week to regain mobility, Woods hired an attorney represent his interests and yet 21st Century continues to be evasive — still having YET to send an Investigator to personally inspect the damage to the wrecked vehicle as it continues to sit inoperable in Woods’ driveway.

The insurance giant appears to be intentionally and willfully dragging it’s feet in order to NOT pay a valid claim to a long-time Customer who is now considering additional legal action.

According to a brief statement issued by Woods, “I would like to think that my situation is an isolated instance and that maybe the people that I’ve been dealing with are simply in need of additional training. I’m not a litigious person but this is a ‘bad faith’ claim waiting to happen which is unfortunate because I have always honored my responsibilities as outlined in the auto insurance contract that their legal department wrote.”

The Actor hopes to put this incident in his rear-view mirror in short order and get back to work on numerous projects.

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