Leading Green Construction Company Unit Solutions Introduces Breakthrough Building Technology with System 4

Leading green construction company Unit Solutions has recently come up with a revolutionary easy to use DIY System 4 high-tech Building technology that promises green, healthy, comfortable and safe homes in budget.

Las Vegas, Nevada – 10th June, 2016 – Building an energy-efficient home is a long-cherished dream that never transcends to reality for many especially given the high pricing quotient. But not anymore- leading green construction company Unit Solutions has recently introduced a breakthrough System 4 high-tech Building technology that promises green energy-efficient homes in budget. It’s the first ever easy to use DIY building system.

When it comes to building homes, the most effective route to build is to construct with due respect to worldwide resources. Here at Unit Solutions, we have developed this expertise that offers a newer way to build a greener tomorrow worth living. Our new System 4 high-tech Building technology banks on the greener practices so that we can assure best environmental & economic performance. Your building would have lower design & construction costs which means you will be able to save money while making your dream home. Moreover our edgy technology assures a fun building experience as you cherish with Lego building blocks, combined with modern ikea philosophy”, stated John Haritos, the founder of Unit Solutions & the innovative thinker behind System 4.

He further revealed about their “The Master Unit” which forms the core of System 4 building structures. The unit is a highly resistant, lightweight, temperature-neutral, waterproof, sound-absorbing, non-toxic and pre-fabricated eco-friendly plug-in principle. Plug it & it’s done.

“Our state of the art modular plug-in principle is an integral aspect of the thoughtful design & technology that back the System 4- leading us to next-gen buildings. Whilst creating any building with System 4, a wide range of pre-fabricated units (doors/windows/toilets etc.) can be employed easily and we promise you more effective, eco-friendly structures here. Moreover, our Master Unit can also accommodate construction changes without much hassle and it caters to any sort of foundation.”

The advanced System 4 high tech building technology assures up till 86 percent reduction in energy consumption and handy reduction of carbon footprint. Such greener structures would imply several economic benefits like less operating cost, easy qualification for varied tax rebates as well as zoning allowances & related incentives, improved occupant productivity for a non-toxic environment and enhanced selling price. It further means an easy way to generate good ROI for the homeowner in longer term.

“It’s our Building Hero (Master Unit) & it’s amazing temperature span & stability that enables us to ensure huge energy savings. The system gets in cool breezy air when it’s hot outside & warm air while it’s cold. You will benefit from a comfortable and healthy stay defined by easy air ventilation that is facilitated by air buffer placed between outside the cosmetic panels & inside of building structure. Such an airy ambience drastically reduces allergy sources and our system also speaks of dust-free environ during construction & renovation”, added in a leading spokesperson from John’s team.

System 4 is equipped to help versatile building constructions including homes, garages, sheds or tiny homes. For best security of the structures, the breakthrough system counts on an invisible state of the art anchoring load-bearing feature while Master Units carry top load.

To know more about Unit Solutions, please visit www.unit-solutions.com

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