Serino, MacKay & Berube PLLC – Poughkeepsie Divorce Lawyers with more than 45 years of combined experience.

With more than 45 years of combined experience, Serino, MacKay & Berube PLLC (SMANDB) Poughkeepsie Divorce Lawyers have a passion for helping individuals through some of the most difficult legal matters they can face; family law, divorce, criminal defense and child custody.

A Dutchess County divorce can be a financial disaster, but at the law firm of Serino, MacKay & Berube clients can expect to get hands-on, personalized attention from attorneys who will help you get through a multitude of legal difficulties. 

Specializing in divorce and family law the SMANDB Poughkeepsie divorce attorneys can put you in the best legal position possible by provide you with customized legal representation. New York State was the last US state where a No-Fault divorce became available. Before that law it was necessary for the “fault” of the divorce to be demonstrated by one side. While the no-fault element of the new legislation grabbed all of the headlines, it is the new financial rules that have had the most impact. These changes relate to temporary spousal maintenance, modification of child support orders and counsel fees.  

As some of the most experienced Hudson Valley family law attorneys the SMANDB team work hard to achieve your goals. They work with families and individuals to navigate the critical issues of a divorce, including child support, child custody, and property division. Many individuals across Dutchess County turn to the law firm of Serino, MacKay & Berube for their many years of experience and trusted legal representation. 

Selecting a law firm that knows the local judicial system is an advantage to your legal situation. The attorneys of Serino, MacKay & Berube provide customized attention, assessment and development of legal strategies. Having a strong litigator on your side is valuable, but not every case will require an aggressive approach. The experienced attorneys of SMANDB will only take matters to the courtroom if necessary.

 ­Serino, MacKay & Berube PLLC, New York law firm place their emphases on growing with the clients through­­­­ professional and comprehensive legal services. Through years of experience, Serino, MacKay & Berube (SMANDB) have established an outstanding reputation and built many comprehensive working relationships.  The quality of their work is proven by the abundant amount of positive reviews and gratitude received from their clients not only on their personal business page, but as well as on lawyer review websites. 

At Serino, MacKay & Berube, PLLC not only will you get a new lawyer, you will make a new friend. Mark Serino, Kevin MacKay and Richard Berube offer the highest level of understanding, dedication, and quality legal representation in matters of criminal defense, family law and real estate law throughout Poughkeepsie, NY and the Hudson Valley area. Call or visit their website to schedule a FREE initial consultation. They can be reached online on or by telephone at 845-462-0001.

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