Savannah Veteran Mourns Her Missing Child

SAVANNAH, GA – 13 June, 2016 – Simple trips to River Street, horseback riding, swimming at the pool, and beach days at Tybee Island she once cherished with her son, now seem like a far-off dream for this Savannah mother and veteran.

Kristin Mack, a public affairs officer in the Air Force Reserve, hasn’t seen her boy for over 1,100 days now. Right now she is just struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil she is experiencing as she approaches her fourth year without her son. 

“I was devastated,” Mack said. “I never imagined in a million years this would happen. My son was my whole life.”

He was abruptly taken away when she allowed him to go home from Savannah to Texas, for what was suppose to be just a temporary visit with his father, but ended up being an endless nightmare and kidnapping of her only child.  

The mother and son were extremely close, as she always found ways to work from home, his whole life, in order to spend as much time with him as possible.  

After she gave birth to her son, in 2001, she left his father, with no money or resources, in order to flee his abuse, and provide for better life for her only child. 

“He always motivated me to be the best person I could be,” said Mack. “I finished my college degree when he was an infant, then got an officer commission with him at my side, and we traveled the world as much as we could, usually every year.”

Mack raised her son by herself with no issues, until 3 years ago when his father suddenly decided to take him, out of what she feels were unresolved feelings of revenge for her leaving him years ago. Now he is using him as a pawn for revenge.

Regardless of the reason, she still can’t fathom how a human being can keep a child from their loving birth mother.

Small-town Texas politics decided the unfathomable fate, of handing her boy to a man who admitted in court to at least two convictions of domestic violence, and they have stood firm on their ruling.

Mack continues to fight for her son’s justice, and confirms she will never give up on him, until he is safe in her arms.

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