Seed App for iPhone Helps Women to Take Control of their Hormonal Health

The Seed Concept – The Seed Concept
Seed, a period and fertility tracker app not just collects data but offers health tips and advice for women to improve their hormonal health as well.

Sydney, New South Wales – June 13, 2016 – Seed is a revolutionary new app for iPhone that provides useful health tips and nutritional advice for women to enhance their hormonal health and have better periods or preconception. The app is designed by Belinda Kirkpatrick, a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist who has over a decade of experience in helping women manage their hormonal health & fertility.

The app was developed to help women understand their hormones and offer tips to getting pregnant & advice on the natural ways to improve fertility. Users can also find information as to how they can modify their diet and lifestyle to improve their symptoms and optimise their health.

“Seed is your place to find all the naturopathic and nutritional advice and support your need for hormonal health, better periods or preconception. You can find tips to improve natural health, a handful of delicious, easy-to-cook recipes, a hormonal health quiz and conception advice, all in one place,” said Belinda Kirkpatrick. “I’m thrilled that Seed is the best fertility app out there on the market,” she added.

The Seed Concept primarily focuses on helping women achieve their ideal health potential, with a focus on fertility management, hormonal health and miscarriage prevention. The app is designed in a way that all information is presented in an easy to read and user-friendly format.

For those women trying to conceive, there’s a dedicated section on the app that contains lifestyle tips, nutritional advice as well as comprehensive lists of tests required for optimum hormonal health, fertility and preconception. Information regarding which type and dosage of supplements is right for the user can also be obtained. Also, the app let users personalise their experience by taking the reproductive health quiz in the ‘ME’ section. Quality advice on food, exercise and lifestyle is also given.

Belinda further explained how the Seed app works well as a period tracker. “You can use the Seed period tracker to predict your next period, fertility times and ovulation. By adding symptoms to it, the app generates naturopathic and nutritional tips that are aimed to balance hormones and reduce that symptom for the following cycle.”

Users can also take it up a notch by booking a Skype consultation with an Expert Seed Naturopath, who can offer personalised nutritional and supplemental advice. Users can also join group discussions and share their experiences in the online community forum.

About The Seed Concept:

The Seed Concept was established with an endeavour to help women trying to conceive, as well as provide tips to attain optimum hormonal health and improve fertility.

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