“The Secrets of a Hidden Monet,” tells the story of the struggle to get a Claude Monet painting authenticated

One of the most distinguished pieces of work from the renowned artist Claude Monet, the painting of his first wife ‘Camille’ struggles to get authenticated. Author Virgil Haverstick’s book “The Secrets of a hidden Monet” throws light on the deception of the Wildenstein Institute in providing authenticity for one of the most remarkable paintings by the French artist. He describes the real struggles of his family and himself in getting past the apprehensive ways of the institute in authenticating the painting as the original piece.

The painting is one of the initial works by the artist while there are only 22 known paintings of Camille by Monet. Author Haverstick makes an attempt to come out publicly with the story so that the art industry starts looking for alternative methods to verify that the painting was made by Monet. He describes his family background and the hard efforts they put into getting the painting verified from the Wildenstein Institute. The book is about power and deception of the Institute and hints on the monopoly that exists in making the decisions about art.

So far, the book has received good reviews from the readers such as Rowen who mentions, “I have always been interested in art and somewhat interested in art history and just history in general. If you are even remotely interested in how things really are, read this. There seems to be a monopoly on who makes the decisions about art. Basically, it seems to be all about power and deception.”

“All said, I liked this book very much.”

Haverstick first heard about the Claude Monet painting from his father when he called and told him that the painting he has owned for so many years was authenticated as an original by the French artist Claude Monet. His father told him that Walter McCrone of the McCrone Institute sent a letter telling him that the painting was an original piece of artwork by the artist which would now mean that this painting could be worth a lot of money. Haverstick didn’t understand much at that time but after a few years after doing some research realized how big a deal it was.  However, when they took the painting to the Wildenstein Institute, they claimed it was not an original painting by Monet.

Even after having all the new proofs available that the painting is an original from Monet, the Wildenstein Institute didn’t authenticate it. He hopes that this book will unveil the malicious intent of the Institute and the deception prevalent in the art community which ultimately may result in getting the painting authenticated. The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon.com

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