Loving riding, love the carry-on Airwheel C5 smart helmet for Extreme sports

Have you wondered what your riding would be like if a helmet can answer your phone calls? Most people will argue that Bluetooth headset is able to pick up phone calls during riding. As a matter of fact, the latest product, Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet, is incomparable.

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One key to answer the call is a usual function for the new member C5 helmet for Extreme sports, most rider regard. They may explain that Bluetooth headset can also safely answer the phone calls during their riding. On the contrary, you will know the advantages of C5 helmet heads up helmet from the following illustration.

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To be honest, we have to admit that wearing of headset is harmful for ears. And if you are wearing earphones, it will be hard to wear riding helmet. Under this circumstance, Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is equipped with the wind proof and noise reduction microphone which can filter the noise from exterior environment so as to guarantee the quality of connection. It is easy to operate. You can speak with the other only by pushing the button in the helmet. This greatly facilitates the call answering during riding for many riders.

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The high definition camera installed in C5 best motorcycle helmet can not only capture some interesting pictures, but also produce long time shooting for recording the whole journey. It supports the maximum of 128G memory and can be produced in succession for up to 3 hours with the 2000mAh’s capacity of battery. Plus, with the high quality Bluetooth speaker mounted on C5 intelligent helmet for road safety, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself in the journey. And most importantly, you can share your wonderful moment with your friends or upload it to social network platforms by means of app connection function.

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Moreover, C5 smart helmets can be used for protecting your house. Placed in your house, C5 custom intelligent helmet supports non-net video 24 hours so the house owner can know everything happened in every day by scanning the video recorded by C5.

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If you are fond of riding outside and exploring thrilling moment, you will love to wear Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet after knowing the good performance listed above.

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