Wilshire Productions Announces New Documentary Series taking viewers exclusively inside the lives of Unsung Athletes Competing In the Olympic Games

The thirty-minute docu-series will cover the extraordinary lengths, economic hardships and personal sacrifices of becoming an “Olympian”.

Wilshire Productions, a premium TV, film and media production company has announced the launch of a new original documentary series, the Olympian. Created and produced by Shantal Anderson, the executive producer and owner of Wilshire Productions, the project will focus on the importance of diversity and differences in achievement levels for athletes all over the world.  Also, it will feature the behind the scenes of Rio De Janiero’s culture, the staff and the 50,000 volunteers who fly all over the world to partake in the international phenomenon.

Wilshire Productions is passionate about touching base with the Olympic and ParaOlympic Athletes who may not receive major media attention, The Olympic staff, volunteers, performers and residents of Brazil through the “Olympian” project. The eight thirty-minutes episode docu-series will be aired on a VOD (Video on Demand) Platform, thereby allowing viewers to watch at their convenience.

“An Olympian to me is not just a competitive athlete, but someone who possesses the mental strength, heart, passion, and tenacity of a great competitor,” explained Shantal. “Getting a Medal is a honorable achievement, however, knowing that you did your best will last a lifetime.”

Having worked on major televised events such as the Oscars, Grammy’s, Billboard Awards, BAFTA Awards and recently the 50th Annual Superbowl held in San Francisco, California, Shantal is keen on capturing the fascinating experiences of athletes to help inspire others, embolden and also motivate them to step out of their comfort zone.

“Not only will we capture the unsung athletes from all over the world who are competing in this years games, but also tell the stories of the staff who takes care of all the behind the scenes work, the volunteers who travel from all over the world to lend their services, and the opening ceremony performers who are were casted from all over the country” stated Shantal. “To make the project more thrilling, we will also shed light to the mentors, coaches or contributors who may have helped build and encourage the athlete to prepare for the summer games.”

Wilshire Productions is currently crowdfunding to cover production expenses through the online fundraising website, GoFundMe, and the goal of the campaign is to raise $30,000 in 30 days. The funding will be invested to assent the project and support its production and crew.

To learn more about “the Olympian” and to contribute to the campaign, visit http://www.gofundme.com/TheOlympian

Interested individuals can follow the project via its Twitter and Instagram page @ProjectOlympian to get all the latest news and updates.

About Wilshire Productions

Wilshire Productions develop traditional programming, digital content and VOD platforms. The company’s digital content is a future major drive for Ainu TV, a digital distribution network. Their mission is to support brands through digital platforms, improve the power of interactivity of the viewers, and consistently grow within the broadcast and digital community. Wilshire Productions was created to develop applications of emerging technologies and connect the space between technology and pop culture. 

For more information about Wilshire Productions and the incredible services, it offers, visit www.wilshireproductions.com

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