The Onebag is a Large, All-purpose Bag that Combines Functionality with a Fun Style

After working in the handbag industry for several years, Eva realized that customers needed a superbly designed and sturdy bag that had enough carrying capacity to fit all the essentials for a person on the go. After years of testing, Eva has produced the Onebag, an all-purpose bag made from first class materials, that is beautifully designed and can hold everything you could need for a weekend trip with your kids and much more.

The Onebag comes in a variety of delightful colors and patterns. Made from a beautiful but rugged fabric, the Onebag offers eye-catching designs and unparalleled toughness. It has a reinforced bottom, two inside pockets and sturdy straps, made for oversize items. The Onebag is water repellant and is easy to wash. Eva is also offering Onebags with a personalized design of your choice, such as company logos or personalized texts.

In response to the enormous popularity of the limited production of Onebags, Eva has decided to enter into full production with an expanded array of products. In order to produce this initial batch of Onebags, Eva has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to secure $4,208. If you back this project, you can receive valuable perks like your name on the Onebag website, calendars, or the Onebag of your choice.

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