Cherrystone Auctions Announces Live Auctions And Online Participation Through Their Website

Cherrystone Auctions is an auction company that has been in the business for over 45 years. The company, based out of New York, is known for their auctions of rare stamps and other philatelic materials. They offer their live auctions from their New York galleries online so that clients can participate world-wide.

Cherrystone Auctions holds public auctions at their galleries in the state of New York every 6-8 weeks and those auctions are live on their website. They are known for the quality of service that they give and the amount of time that they have been in the auction business. With almost 50 years under their belt, they have been auctioning postage stamps, souvenir sheets, postal stationary, postal markings, and other philatelic collectibles to philatelists world-wide successfully and professionally.

This company is family owned and operated and they are members of various associations, clubs, and societies all over the world. Some of these organizations are the US Philatelic Classic Society, Collectors Club of New York, and all of the US and European Philatelic Societies.

Along with these credentials, Cherrystone Auctions have also offered for auction many specialty collections. Varying in price and historic value, these rare collections are notable and require finesse and expertise in handling. Some of the collections that they have been entrusted to Cherrystone are The Alexander Collection, The Ackerman Collection of Russian Air Post, The Versailles Collection of French Proofs and Artists Drawings, The Frederick Collection of Iceland, and The Grabowski Collection of Poland.

Collectors seek out specialty auctions and trustworthy, reputable auction houses to continue to add the rarest items to their collections. Cherrystone Auctions continues to find these rare items. They have sold quite a few rare items in their many years holding auctions. They have had Russian postage stamps from 1924 that sold for over $800,000, Russian postage stamps from 1935 sold for over $700,000, and American postage stamps from 1836 sold for over $100,000.

Cherrystone Auctions also offers consignment for those looking to auction their items. Their minimum value to consign is about $5,000 per lot. If someone has items of particular interest, minimums may be waived. Contacting Cherrystone Auctions directly will allow for questions and advice on individual situations.

There is currently a live auction happening on their website. This auction is open to the public, but potential buyers do need to sign up through them, making sure that they have an account number and the proper way to proceed to bid on any of the collectibles.

Cherrystone Auctions updates their clients regularly and often, presenting information, catalogues, and updates through various media channels.

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