New Adult Coloring Book “Butterflies Wings” Unlocks Key to Happiness

New adult coloring book “Butterflies Wings” by Amazon bestselling author Cherina Kohey promises a journey to a world of happiness, calmness, peace and relaxation away from the daily stress. The book comes in a unique black edition along with the white original one.

Charleston, SC, 13th June 2016: Great news for all those in need of a cool breather from the daily stress of life – new adult coloring book “Butterflies Wings” by Amazon bestselling author Cherina Kohey breathes fresh air in the hustle bustle of daily life, sweeping one to a relaxing world of happiness, calmness & peace.

The book speaks of a unique design and it’s the first time that a coloring book is offering the new experience of coloring on a black paper (Night Edition) – added to the original white one. Both the black and white editions of the book are available on Amazon.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my latest book ‘Butterflies Wings’ which will sweep you into a charming zone of peace, calmness and happiness- away from the daily stress around you. As you will fill up the butterfly wings in your favorite shades, your brain will have this opportunity to relax for a while, free from the negative energy & stress that seem to bog you down. Coloring signifies a wonderful meditative pastime that comes with a soul-cleansing quality, enabling one to refocus, unleash the potential creativity, clear his mind & simply relax”, smiled Kohey while announcing the launch of the book.

This is the second book from Kohey, the first one being “Butterflies and flower” which was one among the top 20 best seller books on Amazon last year selling over 100000 books in just 3 months.

“The special aspect of my new book is that now you can color up vibrant butterfly wings on a black paper added to the white one. Coloring on black paper is something novel here and be the first to enjoy the difference. Never again you would have to freak on coloring inside borders as the black paper is here to handle that.”

The book (both editions) comes with 30 stunning butterflies for coloring, embellished with intricate gorgeous wing patterns. Each of the butterfly designs cover a whole standalone page. The book would be good for anybody looking for a creative outlet to relax after a long tiring day.

According to Kohey, when the brain gets occasional breather to relax through a creative getaway, it imbibes the long-lasting effect of dealing with difficult situations and daily stress. As one takes to coloring, the brain concentrates on creating stunning patterns that helps the mind to set aside all worries & just switch into a relaxed mode. Speaking further on the benefits of coloring, she stressed on the improvement of fine motor abilities through the artwork. More often a person colors, more his vision, creativity & capacity to color up intricate-most details amplify.

“So, unleash the vibrant child in you through coloring up the beautiful butterflies which will also help your adult self to deal with the challenges of life in a better positive & can-do outlook.”

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