Wearable Therapy by Tokii Launch Campaign To Offer Free Aprons To Spread LGBTQI Awareness

The free aprons have been launched to celebrate the Pride Month 2016. Wearable Therapy by Tokii wanted to find a unique way or spreading the LGBTQI Awareness

LGBT Pride Month is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and a time to send a clear message out of equality rights. To help celebrate that message and support Pride Month 2016, Wearable Therapy by Tokii is offering free Aprons.

The advocacy-wear fashion and home decor company launched the Rainbow Guide Apron to serve as a reference to many LGBTQI terms people might encounter. The apron is not just a fashion statement, it is a way to send a message out of acceptance and to help encourage people to be proud of who they are, no matter who they are or what sexuality of gender they are.

The free aprons, which have already become very popular are available to anyone including those that work in a restaurant, bar or café and who will wear them with pride including teachers, nurses, and other professions. Wearable Therapy by Tokii want people to share their pride of who they are by taking selfies and pictures with other people and sharing them on social media.

A spokesman for Wearable Therapy by Tokii said: “We want to send a clear message out that you should be proud of who you are. This is a month to help educate others and show the world that we are all individuals.”

To see what the aprons look like and to help send the positive message out during LGBT Pride Month, please visit http://www.wearable-therapy-tokii.com/pages/get-a-free-lgbtqi-apron


About Wearable Therapy by Tokii

Wearable Therapy by Tokii spreads awareness about a variety of social issues, working to break down stigmas. Part of this is done through their clothing and accessory line, which feature designs that get the conversation started on stigma-surrounded issues. They donate some of their shirts to people and organizations who are trying to make a difference. They also spread awareness through their blog, standupspeakuptokii.com.

Media Contact Details

Contact Danielle Gallagher for more information at CEO@tokii.com.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Wearable Therapy by Tokii
Contact Person: Danielle Gallagher
Email: CEO@tokii.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.wearable-therapy-tokii.com/pages/get-a-free-lgbtqi-apron