Sleep Smart Modular Mattress Emphasizes User Experience as Core Ideal

HOUSTON, TX – 14 June, 2016 – 2016 is the year of rapid development in smart sleep products, including smart mattresses. Many established companies are picking up on this new hot trend and following it closely. However, an up-and-coming start-up from Houston TX, Sleep, is crowdfunding on in efforts to create an original and ultimate mattress. 

Buying a mattress can be a very meticulous process and unfortunately, numerous consumers are not satisfied with their purchases. The mattress industry has not changed in a long time and is often stereotyped as not high-tech or cool as others. Sleep is out to transform perceptions by launching their “Mattress Revolution” crowdfunding campaign on

As simple as mattresses are, they are a quintessential part of everyday life. Humans sleep for about a third of their lives, sleep is also vitally important to physical and mental health. Insomnia, tossing and turning, lack of sleep quality: these are the motivating factors that drive Sleep’s innovative team members.  

Since its establishment in 2014, Sleep has been collecting user experience data to better understand what consumers want from their mattresses. 300 plus people from 100 different families, encompassing most major age groups, helped test out Sleep. The results were invaluable and Sleep has used this data as a personal benchmark to progress further. Sleep is dedicated to reinventing the mattress, not just for Sleep users, but for every Sleeper out there.  

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo is just the beginning for Sleep. They want to reach out to more potential Sleepers in order to discover what more of the community wants from mattresses. This might be a time-consuming process, but Sleep is committed to transparent designs, modular functionality, inner cores, adjustable firmness, and practical features. 

From tester testimonials, Sleep put together a few principal ideals as the goal of “The Mattress Revolution”. Firstly, Sleep is only creating ONE ultimate mattress on Indiegogo. Many traditional mattress companies have many mattress collections, catalogs, etc., which complicates the already complicated, Sleep wants to drastically simplify this process. 

Several testers, especially couples, brought up not having the same mattress preferences as their partner. One partner preferred softer mattresses while the other preferred firmer ones. The Sleep Smart Modular Mattress is customizable, allowing one mattress to have TWO different levels of firmness, the best of both worlds. 

Several senior testers, especially the already retired, brought up having to use the bathroom at night frequently. It was cumbersome for many to turn on lights and find small objects in the dark. The TOUCH nightlight is one of the four practical features that make Sleep an even easier choice. A single swipe turns just the right amount of light on and off.

Several testers, especially mothers of little children, brought up not having enough mattress-side storage. Another of the four features, the APPLE side pocket is a zipper pocket designed for storing anything from diapers to iPads. At the same time, store your more private belongings in the ME mystery box. Don’t forget to charge electronic devices with the built-in INLAY charging cable. Another swipe of the wrist and the WAKER audio clock will announce the time. These simple conveniences truly make Sleep not just another mattress. 

Several testers, especially students, brought up listening to music to fall sleep. The built-in PURE Bluetooth speaker is the last of the Sleep Smart Modular Mattress’ shockingly practical features. Everything Sleep has done up to this moment is with deep consideration of Sleepers. The core principles of Sleep are to engage Sleepers, listen to Sleepers, and impact Sleepers. 

Sleep is currently crowdfunding on and really needs support for further progression. Sleep will only create THREE different models: Sleep 1 Base, Sleep 1 Plus, and Sleep 1 Max. Sleep is not just a mattress, but a better sleep experience and this is just the beginning.

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