Militant Islam’s Role in Daniel’s Prophecy and its Catholic Roots: Expert

Islam and Catholicism have more in common than most people realize. Young Muhammad married Catholic Khadijah which explains why Mary and Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, are common to both religions. A YouTube link shows many similarities.

“ISIS tells its followers that they must pledge bayat, they must pledge allegiance to ISIS before they die. We saw that in San Bernardino, and now we’ve seen it here,” former CIA deputy director said on CBS This Morning.  50 dead, 53 hurt by Omar Mateen in Orlando.

Muslim leaders condemn the shooting, maybe like the pope denouncing pedophilia or homosexuality in priests. In spite of words, it happens like the scorpion that stung the frog that was taking him across the stream after promising not to. As they both went down, the frog asked, Why did you do it? The scorpion replied, I couldn’t help it—it’s just my nature, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on topics of Bible prophecy, offering the following view..

Like the scorpion, the nature of Islam reflects the Quran with its teaching to bring terror to inidels who don’t believe the same way while Islam is also filled with different opinions and violence.

The Bible teaches that we know them “by their fruits.” It is not a good sign that millions of Muslims want to settle in Europe and the number of rapes has sky-rocketed. Millions more want to come to America. When God separated nations with different languages in Genesis 11, He showed wisdom, but modern politicians following the pope’s agenda seem confused.

What is the pope’s agenda? Alberto Rivera, a Jesuit priest who spent time in the Vatican said Khadijah, Muhammed’s wife was a wealthy Catholic who paid for Muhammed to have Catholic mentoring. Hence the similarity with Fatima and Mary being big in both religions. The intent was for Islam to take Jerusalem from the Jews and Evangelical Christians and give it to the Vatican.

Islam reneged  and this brought the “holy wars” with a lot of bad history and secrets that Islam knows about the Vatican and vice-versa. Hence the pope’s effort to conciliate and open Europe to millions as America has done for millions of Catholics so that America now it differs essentially from what it was before Reagan agreed to do so 30-some years ago.

So what is militant Islam’s role in prophecy? Daniel saw a ram (symbol of Islam used in their ram feast of Al-Adha) pushing north (into Russia), (south into Africa) and west into Europe. It angers a goat the comes from the west and stomps the ram, breaking its horns, that are the kings of Media and Persia, centuries before Alexander conquered them, 331 BC.

This description in Daniel 8 overlooks Gabriel telling Daniel that the vision is at the time of the end. What this means is that Daniel has a double application—once in history to build faith in the only God who sees the future, and again in the end-time when we should see it coming before it happens.

Islam will probably do something stupid like the scorpion stinging the frog—they will attack Jerusalem as Zechariah 14 shows, angering the west so that the goat in Daniel 8 will stomp the ram and bring an end to its militancy in the Middle East, but maybe not in America as the Bible’s imagery in Revelation 9 supports big trouble, thanks to Obama’s invitations.

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