Children of Swan: Blistering New YA Fantasy Receiving Great Reviews

Masterfully crafted by Coral Walker, already raking in five-star reviews from Readers’ Favorite, the first book of ‘Children of Swan, The Land of Taron’ trilogy whisks readers off to a strange and unsettling world where parents are missing, siblings can’t be found, and life is held cheap.

I was transfixed on every page and impressed by her ability to keep the story so action-packed and full of surprises and twists at every turn while, at the same time, keeping everything flowing smoothly. No detail was overlooked and the characters were very engaging.” — Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite.

The story unfolds with two children discovering one day that their parents have disappeared and their young brother Bo is bawling his eyes out. The world turns upside down for teenage sibling rivals Jack and Brianna and what follows is a series of unexpected and challenging circumstances that puts their determination and resourcefulness to the test.

Much to the distress of their children, Marcus and Zelda have returned to their home planet, Cygnore.  They are runaway prince and princess of Bara and Rion who have happily and peacefully lived on Earth for twelve years under the name of ‘Goodman’. Bo, the youngest son, is kidnapped. In hot-headed pursuit, Jack and Brianna, both 16-years-old, plunge into a wormhole and emerge in Taron. Little do they know that Lord Shusha is plotting against their father Prince Marcus, and their presence in Taron provides him with the means to further his vicious plans. Locals catch them and bring them to an arena where Jack finds himself fettered to a wall and examined by a smoldering-eyed and blue-skinned young woman of Bara, Lady Cici.

Lady Cici is the daughter of Lord Shusha and has come to the arena to have them killed. She is about to be engaged to Prince Marcus and she, along with her father feels that the teens might be a threat to Marcus’ life. That is why they must be killed in the arena, where slaves fight for their lives on a routine basis.                

‘Children of Swan’ will strike a chord with readers both young and old through it’s intricate and wholly-unique new world, its band of captivating characters and an overall plot unlike anything else on the market. The book is available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format.

About Author: Coral Walker started writing the book in 2013 when her older son was 11, her daughter 9 and her younger son 3. The never-ending squabbles between her two older children inspired the story of ‘Children of Swan’. Of course the storyline took on a life of its own once she started writing. She has spent two and a half years on bringing the Land of Taron to life, and is excited to have received such a great response for her book from readers across the world.

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