Adult Watercolor Pen Brush Set For Adult Coloring Therapy Launched On Amazon

The 12 pack watercolor pen brush set is perfect for those who want to relax through adult coloring therapy.

A new product has been launched on Amazon to help adults relax. The 12-pack watercolor pen brush set from Buyartosh provides adults with the perfect tools to relax with adult coloring books.

The Buyartosh watercolor pen brush set contains 12 different colors that each has a comfort grip. They come with a 1.5 mm tip brush that allows for adults to color even the smallest section of an adult coloring book. They provide a professional finish to any artist project and are used also used by professional artists. With the quality of then pen set, they provide the same type of professional finish as watercolor paints but without the mess.

Adult coloring therapy has become very popular in recent years with health and lifestyle experts confirming it helps to reduce stress. However, even though there are lots of great adult coloring books available, there are not many affordable watercolor pen brush sets available.

Buyartosh has launched their new watercolor pen brush set on Amazon for a special introductory price of $14.95. A spokesman for the company confirmed this is a special price and once the promotion is over, they will go back to their normal price.

Product Details

• Flexible Brush Tip – Soft, smooth & authentic, the 1.5 mm tip brush has been created to suit the developing child and the aspiring artist alike. The flexible brush tip is uniquely designed to provide the traditional Japanese and Chinese brush pen characteristics. The durable tip will quickly retract & retain its original shape.

• Ideal For – Japanese and Chinese painting, drawing, calligraphy, adults and children’s coloring books

• Water-based – Our brush pen is water-based ink and will provide you with the perfect result. The odorless water-based solvent facilitates smooth blending and layering of 12 amazing colors, dry in mere seconds.

• Comfort Grip – The brush pen has been professionally designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, providing all users of all ages the ability to continuously create, exhaustion free.

The product is perfect for those adults who want to relax and unwind by coloring in therapy coloring books. With the quality of the pens, they can be used again and again providing a perfect finish to any project. As well as being used for adult coloring therapy, they can also be used for Chinese/Japanese style strokes, Calligraphy, Comic and manga, illustration Journal Decorating, General Crafting, Greeting Cards, Party Invitations, and Nail Artists.

The retail price for the brush pen set is $29.95. While the promotion is currently available, consumer can purchase the product for the special price of $14.95. A full satisfaction guarantee is provided with the brush set.

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About Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush Set

The Buyartosh Watercolor Pen Brush Set comes in a set of 12 and makes a perfect gift for a loved one. The product comes with a full satisfaction guarantee and is safe to use by children.

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