SwapMe launches the firstautomatic facial swapping application for iOS, available on iTunes

SwapMe is the newly launched application on iTunes that allows the iOS users toautomatically swap faces in a realistic way. It is the first of its kind application that is photorealistic and completely automatic, developed by FacioMetrics LLC for iPhone and other Apple devices.

The mobile application allows the user to swap faces in a picture with just one click. There is nor charges for swapping the face in the same picture that is in the same image but $0.99will be chargedfor the full version that allows the user to change faces in two different pictures.

With the new SwapMe application, the user will finally be able to swap faces and fun sharing it with their friends and family. To use the application, the user can takeselfies with their friend and swap faces to make it funny. They can share that picture with friends and see them being surprised by it. To have the best face swap experience, the user should click a picture with faces clearly visible without any glasses or hairstyle that covers much of face.

The high resolution of the picture will also give better results to the user. It is also advised to use the frontal faces whenever possible although the subtle changes can be handled by the application..The user should preferably click the picture in nice, natural lights to get best results out of the application.

The continuing trend to using such applications can be credited to the significance of social media in people’s lives. Using such applications such as the face swap, people get to share it over thephoneor social media and have fun with their friends. Moreover, the android users are going gaga over the recently launched face swap application and finally the iPhone users can also have fun with this app. Face swapping has become the latest trend in the social media and even the celebrities are not far behind in using it to share their face swapped funny pictures on their profile.

The earlier method to do such thing was to use software such as Photoshop to swap faces but the technology has advanced so much now with apps such as SwapMe that the user can swap faces with just two taps on the screen.The app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is available for free download on iTunes.com.

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