Golden Terps Technologies Ltd Secures Provisional Patent for a Proprietary Technology

Golden Terp Technologies LTD secures a provisional patent for a proprietary technology that will be able to help decrease the DUI traffic in cannabis legalized states and cities

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – 6/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Golden Terp Technologies LTD has been successful in applying and securing a provisional patent for a proprietary technology that will be able to help decrease the DUI traffic in cities and states that have legalized cannabis both medically and recreationally. Even though this product is currently going through the development and funding stage, they are hopeful about making a positive change in compliance with this product. Being a subsidiary of a subsidiary of 840 Media LLC and Tech Apps LTD, this Colorado based company takes pride in being able to entertain growth capital that offers available via Tech Apps LTD which is a direct public offering corporation. Shares are being offered at $1 per share and shares are maturable in year terms via SAFE financing and can also be converted for further equity. Being able to consultation pertaining to the subject of how marijuana can be operated and grown, the ultimate mission of the company is to cultivate the operation of quality cannabis with the help of progressive leaders who are committed to advancing the best practice.

Offering repeated engrossment with the services, the company has become the first choice to many. With the newly secured provisional patent, the company’s aim to decrease DUI traffic in cities and states has been critically appreciated in every sphere.

Often recognized as the best consultants regarding the operation and growth of marijuana, they boast of working with carefully selected clients for the purpose of development of custom business strategies based on models successfully implemented. Striving to help establish new businesses that will continues to evolve and improve the cannabis industry, the company promotes practical approaches, industry best practices, hyper compliance, environmental awareness, and community integration. With their technology arm, they seek to develop app for the purpose of the attainment of their goals.

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Golden Terp Technologies LTD is a reputed company that offers consultation regarding the operation and the growth of marijuana.

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