Guudla Portable Diaper Changing Pad Offers Convenience and Unisex Design.

MIAMI, FL – 6/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Babies need to be changed at home and on the go. Finding a way to accomplish this is not always easy. The Guudla Portable Diaper Changing Pad from CreditGrace, LLC offers a way to change babies regardless of location. The genuine leather elements adds a touch of sophistication and it is small enough to fit inside of a diaper bag or purse.

According to Baby Center, the average number of diapers a baby will go through per day in their first year is 10. Parents cannot always be at home or in a place where it is convenient to change a diaper. The Guudla Portable Diaper Changing Pad provides an instant location. It can be used at home, on a counter, on the floor, or even on a baby changing center that is provided in many public restrooms.

A washable lining is found within the changing pad. This makes it easy to keep clean and sanitized in between uses. A head pillow is incorporated into the changing pad as well, providing comfort for the baby when they are being wiped and diapered.

Additional pockets are included on the changing pad. This is ideal for storing wipes, creams, and extra diapers. A reinforced snap strap is featured as well. This can be used to store the changing pad on a stroller for easy access or on various other products.

The unisex design allows it to be used by anyone. It is tan with dark brown straps that provide closure around the unit. Men can carry it for their child and women can use it in place of their purse or place it into their purse. Further, it can be used by children of all genders for simple convenience. The total weight is less than a pound, making it easy to carry on the go.

“We have really taken into consideration the features to make it practical. We also paid attention to aesthetic design so people would enjoy carrying it around with them,” comments a spokesperson for the company.

The Guudla Portable Diaper Changing Pad can be found on Amazon at Benefits for ordering on Amazon include use of Amazon Prime for faster shipping as well as the 30 day return policy in place. A full refund can be made if people are unhappy with their purchase, no questions asked.

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