First Voice-controlled Mobile Fighting Game seeks crowdfunding support at Kickstarter

Chicago-based game development studio Centaurs Technologies has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for its innovative world’s first voice-controlled mobile combat game “Vocal Warrior” that enables character control through voice

Chicago, IL, 14th June 2016: Chicago-based international gaming and entertainment company Cetaurs Technologies has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for its innovative world’s first voice-controlled mobile combat game “Vocal Warrior”. The new-age fighting game will enable the players to control the game characters through voice command (yes voice! You read it right) instead of usual hand-controls.

It was Apple’s sensational voice-activated Siri technology back in 2012 that inspired Yi Wang (co-founder of Centaurs) to come up with the concept of applying the same interactive voice edge to the combat game.

“We are excited to announce that we have come up with a futuristic voice-controlled mobile fighting game, a first in the world. Once you start the game, just everything, be it changing the game mode to instructing your hero through the dynamic fights, could be controlled easily through voice. We are presently testing the beta version of Vocal Warrior & our game has already been featured on App Store for 100+ times. However, such a revolutionary project demands robust financial backup and hence this crowdfunding campaign- your support would be much appreciated”, stated Yi Wang while announcing the launch of this campaign.

Centaurs Technologies is an endeavor between Wang and 3 other founders and Vocal Warriors is the first launch from the company.

The game will have the players playing as Marco Polo’s descendant Macro who undertakes KungFu training in China. Macro’s world turns upside down when his great KungFu master is murdered by some evil masked man – when the devoted student proceeds to save the master, he gets knocked into well that sweeps him back to yesteryears. Vocal Warrior is all about how Macro strives to enhance his prowess to avenge the master’s death.


“Our game features a sensitive advanced audio-recognition engine that can easily distinguish between background noises & player’s voice and the system has been updated numerous times to ensure the desired cutting edge results. I have already played the game in noisiest environments of gyms, restaurants, shopping mall or bus station and in each case the game has worked really well, despite the bustling noise around”, explained the voice engine developer of Vocal Warrior, Xi Wang.

Each of the moves & combat skill comes with specific names and the players can even customize names of abilities. “Vocal Warrior a fantastic stress-buster that will enable you to express emotions through yelling the pressure out in the game”, Yi Wang added in.


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A good host of rewards are waiting for the donators. These include a cool digital package with weapons, diamonds, gold, epic cards & ultimate abilities for the game, a bunch of digital wallpapers, high-quality exclusive game T-shirt with one of the game’s characters etc. Further donations will be rewarded with the special opportunity to design a weapon or a unique ability for the game. A donation of $1,000 will mean a grand opportunity to enjoy a dinner with Centaurs’ CEO while a donation of $2,000 would mean the honor of designing a character, weapon & special ability for the game.

“A pledge of $5,000 would be rewarded with the exclusive honor of crafting new hero or heroine for the game.”

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