DVA LOANS Offers Business Start Up Capital To Our Veterans

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – 6/15/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — DVA LOANS a wholly owned subsidiary of FIFTH GROUP FINANCIAL Inc. launched a program that offers start up business capital for U.S. veterans. The money is coming from the private sectors offering tax breaks, and monthly interest rates for its investors.  

Frank Jacoby (GM) of dvaloans.com developed the program after he observed “predatory lenders” convincing our veteran’s to sell their “future disability payments” at forty cents on a dollar. Don’t sell your benefits says Jacoby, it’s like asking the “fox to guard the chicken coop”. Jacoby named the company “Fifth Group Financial” after the Fifth Special Forces Group in honor of the men he served with in Vietnam to include the late Sgt. John Walton in 1968, son of Sam Walton who founded the Wal-Mart organization.

Our New Military Investment Program or (M.I.P) offers an alternative to predatory lending programs. Moreover, we do not require a veteran to sell any of their future disability payments. Our basic program requires a veteran to write a real life business plan and establish financial milestones. Applicants also go through an extensive background check as well. Our background checks are not searching for what the banks call “credit worthy” applicants. Our purpose is to help our veterans achieve that part of the American Dream of owning their own business. We didn’t ask the vet what his credit score was before we sent him into combat, so we are not going to ask him now. We have a large pool of “qualified private investors” wishing to fund the plans, along with an equal number of veterans who really want to succeed at business. Term sheets are worked out between the investor and the veteran through our business development staff. While all vets will not be approved, we can certainly fill in the gaps that our traditional U.S. banks have ignored.

The investor’s funds are guaranteed through a veteran’s assignment by the US Government. It’s a radical change from the norm however, the investor does not profit on the vets business, rather does so on the monthly interest payments they receive. The investor returns are much better than banks could ever offer and the programs architectural design really benefits the veterans in three ways: (a) He or she does not give up any ownership in their business and (b) They have no outside interference in running their business and (c) They do not sell their future payments to get a lump sum of cash now. It’s a program that benefits all whom it affects.

Finally, the investor is truly giving our veterans a purpose and perhaps we can reduce the suicide rate among veterans suffering from P.T.S.D.  A second generation dvaloans.com web site that will automate the process is presently in the works, and will be completed within the next 90 days. In the interim, we are here to serve our vets now. Our Mission statement is “one investor, one vet at a time” Investors or veterans that have an interest in our program should contact Frank Jacoby via email at manager@dvaloans.com

For more information contact;

F. Jacoby


Costa Mesa, California 92626

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