Jeffrey’s Take On Staff Empowerment

Jeffrey in one of his workshops.
Effective empowerment is vital for developing both your employees and organisation.

June 15, 2016 – Singapore – Renowned Singapore speaker Jeffrey Williams, in his value packed article on The Straits Times, Singapore, has revealed some valuable insights on how business owners may empower their staff. In a rapidly changing working environment, it is apparent that effective empowerment is proving itself to be an important tool in developing both people and the organisations they work for. 

Wrote Jeffrey, “Empowerment recognises that nobody knows a job better than the person doing it and that most people want to be involved and take pride in their work.”

“Knowing your customer, improving service delivery, continuous innovation, increased productivity and gaining competitive advantage – none of this is possible unless organisations find new ways to empower their employees,” he added.

Empowerment, as defined by the prolific speaker, refers to “encouraging people to help them become more involved in their decisions and the activities that affect their jobs.”

In his article, one of the approach that Jeffrey recommends business owners or managers adopt is the enabling of employees to make more and bigger decisions without having to go through someone more senior.

As emphasized, “It means giving them the opportunity to unleash their creative talents to show that they can come up with good ideas and, more importantly, to empower them to put these ideas into practice.”

Jeffrey has been a professional speaker and trainer for the past 15 years. He has conducted numerous corporate trainings which includes high impact trainings for CEOs and top management, executives and employees from MNCs and SMEs. His training stints and experience has taken him to countries like India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“What is most satisfying is the passion for training and making a difference in the lives of people,” he said.

Jeffrey also runs a training and consultancy organization backed up by a pool of experienced trainers in their areas of expertise.

In view of his many accolades, however, he maintains a humble outlook, and is an active advocate of “leading by example”.

As explained by him, “If you want your peers to do what they say they will do, you will have to prove yourself to be reliable. If you want to be innovative, you will have to be prepared to take risks. If you want others to make an extra effort, you will have to push yourself harder. If you want them to be open, you will have to be honest and sincere with yourself first.

These are all the traits of empowerment, and managers need to delegate the responsibilities to their employees to accomplish it. What better way of proving it when you are given the opportunity to lead by example.”

Jeffrey is also an Education Success Coach, frequently conducting training for children, students and teenagers. As an Education Success Coach, he has mentored children in their studies, provided assistance in problem solving and coaching them to have a positive attitude in their self-development and studies.

“And when better to start an education when the mind is still fresh,” said Jeffrey.

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