Travel Maps App Announces Launch of Interactive Travel Map With Auto Geo Location That Covers Over 1.3 Million Cities Worldwide

Traveling can certainly be one of life’s big adventures, but on the other hand without the right preparation and tools it can also be wildly frustration. The recently launched Travel Maps hopes to shift that balance towards the positive. Featuring a very functional, fun and innovative approach the easy to use app is off to a very quick start.

Being on a trip and getting lost is certainly not on most people’s list of things to do.  Neither is missing out on potentially fun and interesting local things to do, a visitor may not be quite aware of.  Fortunately, a recently released mobile app for both iOS and Android devices can be a huge help.  Enter Travel Maps App, a new app that approaches delivering apps in an innovative way.  Early users have responded with enthusiasm.

“We put a great deal of time and energy into getting Travel Maps App done correctly,”  commented a spokesperson from the company about their new release.  “It was important for us to cover as many places as possible, and with over 1.3 million cities in our database we’ve accomplished that.  We also wanted the app to be easy to use and even entertaining, or else people would be more likely to ignore it.  It’s clear we’ve got that area covered too.  It’s our hope that Travel Maps App exceeds even high expectations and that users spread the word to their friends and family about us.”

According to Travel Maps App, the app features a very effective automatic geo locator, making it simple to start to use since even if lost a user’s location will come up as soon as the app is opened.  From there pictures of different kinds of categories of interests can be touched to see what is close by and worth exploring.  Things like restaurants, bars, banks, car rentals, computer stores, fitness clubs, supermarkets, hotels, shopping mall and much, much more are all featured.

Every major country in the world is listed, including places many other travel maps don’t cover.  This can make the app very useful for someone traveling to multiple locations delivering the confidence that the app is likely to have information on the cities passed through making the trip potentially a much smoother experience.

Travel Maps App is available as a download at both the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Early reviews for the app have been positive across the board.

Chris C., from Boston, recently said in a five star review, “I took a short European vacation with my girlfriend and we made sure we download Travel Maps App first.  I’m so glad  we did.  We got much more use out of it than I thought we would, and it definitely saved us time and even money.  Since we’ve been back I use it all the time here too.  I’ve been telling everyone I can about how cool it is. Fully recommended.”

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