INDE’s new virtual Orca show captivates Shopping Mall visitors

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – 6/16/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — A breathtaking Augmented Reality ocean experience developed by INDE, featuring a life-sized 3D orca, stops thousands of shoppers in their tracks.

Guests of Allee Shopping Centre in Budapest, Hungary recently had a unique opportunity to observe and inteact with some of the most wonderful ocean creatures in a highly unusual way. The AR experience installed on a giant screen got kids and adults incredibly close to a beautiful killer whale, a curious walrus, and also allowed participants to play with a dolphin and tease a penguin.  

INDE created photorealistic 3D animals to immerse lucky visitors in the wonders of the ocean and let them touch the untouchable. Animated water, combined with a real water tank, makes the experience even more realistic and nearly impossible for the human brain to distinguish digital content from real world elements. In other words, by only looking at a snapshot taken by the system, without experiencing it live, anyone would struggle to identify where “real” meets “3D”. The only way to achieve this is by developing content of exceptionally high quality, and that is something that INDE is committed to.

UK company INDE has already put life-sized digital dinosaurs and jaguars into museums, zoos and shopping centres worldwide to immerse crowds in fantastic AR scenes and get them up-close and personal with some of the most magnificent creatures in 3D. Besides interacting with the animals in an entertaining and highly engaging way, visitors also get an important conservation message out of INDE’s experiences. “It’s bringing back the extinct and then learning about why they’re gone. It’s touching wild animals and learning about the fragile environment and our impact on it.” – said Alex Poulson, the company’s CEO.

INDE has offices and representation in London, Budapest, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and mainland China. Since 2011 the company has built award-winning AR systems worldwide for clients such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Enterprises, Beijing Aquarium, Universal Studios, BBC, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola.

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