Local Pennsylvania Company Announces New Website

Warminster, PA – Digital marketing has become a huge business in recent years, as companies vie for placement on the first page of Google search results in order to better connect with their target audiences. Many digital marketing companies work with various types of businesses in order to help them generate leads and increase traffic to their website, which can help them expand their customer base and grow their business. However, some marketing agencies specialize in one type of business. Dental Implant Marketing helps dentists around the world reach out to potential clients in need of dental implants.

Dental Implant Marketing recently launched a new website dedicated to helping dental practices reach high ticket clients. began as a small freelance company in 2004. Today, as a full-tilt marketing agency, the group continues to stay true to their core beliefs of delivering the highest quality experience for all dental clients. Specializing in dental implant lead generation, the agency has built and managed more than 400 campaigns, and managed over 25 million dollars in marketing ad spend.

There is no other dental marketing group in the industry that offers an ironclad 30 day guarantee like Dental Implant Marketing. The group guarantees full dental implant consultation leads to each practice they service, and a full refund of the initial fee after 30 days, in the event that the results are not satisfactory. Dental Implant Marketing is confident in the abilities of their team and their service, and can help any practice without question. The agency provides as many leads as each dental practice can reasonably manage, and all leads are people actively interested in implants and searching for consultation. Dental Implant Marketing helps dental practices who perform dental implants around the world to add security to their business by giving them a reliable and sustainable method of generating high ticket cases.

Dental Implant Marketing offers dental practices around the world the ability to generate more quality leads from potential customers already interested in receiving dental implants. The agency creates dental campaigns that are proven to work, and offers a 30 day money back guarantee in the event that their services are in any way unsatisfactory. Their new website showcases some of the powerful results that they agency is used to seeing, and a complimentary consultation.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dental Implant Marketing
Contact Person: Ed Stapleton, Jr.
Email: ed@edstapleton.com
Phone: (844) 700-4775
Address:326 Juniper Street
City: Warminster
State: PA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.dentalimplantmarketing.org