Rayming technology Diversified Industry-Specific Solutions for Supporting LED Manufacturing Industry

Rayming Technology, a leading PCB prototyping and manufacturing company from China, recently diversified its industry-specific solutions to facilitate LED manufacturing and prototyping.

Rayming Technology, a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards or PCBs from China, recently extended their production output capabilities and also put higher emphasis on diversification to support LED manufacturing industry, a sector that is going through rapid changes and development in China and worldwide. The owners of the Shenzhen, China based company said that though they are not into LED manufacturing, they have now started manufacturing LED PCB products.

The owners of Rayming Technology also added that the production of aluminum based PCB, ceramic based PCB, copper based PCB, high-temperature PCB and FR4 PCB is in full swing and they have now the adequate technological and warehousing capabilities to meet the precise needs of the LED manufacturing sector. They said that aluminum PCB products are the most in-demand products at this moment and also added that they are now complying with all the pertinent guidelines and quality standards for production of LED PCB products.

“We are definitely not into LED lamp selling as LED lamp manufacturing is a completely different industry with its unique set of challenges and growth potentials. However, we have started production of LED PCB products as there is a growing demand for LED PCB prototyping and manufacturing, as we have found through thorough market study. As with PCB prototyping, we will also offer competitive prices to our prospective clients from the LED lamps manufacturing industry,” said the sales and marketing division head of Rayming Technology.

“Our PCBs have good thermal performance and have high power as well. These can be used in outdoor LED advertising and display systems, LED tubes, waterproof LED products, LED lamps for household usage, outdoor LED lights, LED work lights and so on,” added the top executive. He also said that they are now offering free and no-obligation price quotes to their potential buyers from the China LED manufacturing industry.

“We are also interested in collaborating with LED manufacturers from abroad. However, our sole focus is on Chinese domestic market as of now. Later on, we may seek to spread our LED PCB manufacturing business further afield,” the CEO of Rayming Technology said during a press conference.

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Rayming Technology is a leading China based PCB prototyping and manufacturing company.

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