Blade and Soul Gold Marketplace PLS Game Mall Made Fast Delivery and Customer Support Its Priority

While a great deal of online marketplaces selling Blade and Soul Gold turn out to be nothing but scam, PLS Game Mall tries to stand an exception by revising its mission statement.

PLS Game Mall, an online seller of in-game currency and power levelling options, recently unveiled its latest collection of Blade and Soul gold, the only currency that serious BNS gamers need for upgrading their weapons. On the occasion of the launch of the BNS gold, the owners also reinstated the importance of fast delivery and customer support. They added that they have now revised their mission statement as they feel its time they should re-assure their buyers about payment safety and quick turnaround.

“Our business ethics drive our actions. We have seen many gamers losing their temper or getting frustrated as they miss important upgrades due to late delivery of BNS gold. This is really unacceptable, especially if someone is trying to improve his inventory for being in the same league as their friends and other gamers. We, therefore, would like to reinstate our commitment to fast delivery and become a truly trusted BNS gold supplier on the internet,” said a marketing executive who also manages the ecommerce store. The marketing executive said that their rich experience coupled with competitive pricing is the X-factor that has already made them a trusted online seller.

“Gold, like in real world, is of paramount importance in the world of Blade and Soul. The gamers who wish to take their game to the next level must invest in gold wisely. We offer BNS gold particularly with an aim to cut short the grinding time for our users. We are selling arguably the cheapest BNS gold on the internet as of now and people can actually place their orders and expect fast delivery. In fact, we have more than one delivery options for our dear patrons,” said the CEO of PLS Game Mall.

Cheap Blade and Soul gold is not the only thing that the ecommerce store and community sells. It also sells power levelling options and in-game currency for other popular MMORPGs. However, the owners maintained that the BNS gold is the most sold item as of now.

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PLS Game Mall is an online store selling BNS gold, among many other items.

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