“Sanctuary – Population One” Is an Actioner of Complexity and Emotional Richness Set in a Bleak, Dystopian Future

When Terry Marriott premiered his short film “Sanctuary” to enormous acclaim at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, it marked the arrival of a new master filmmaker. “Sanctuary” introduced audiences to the world of 2263 in which Earth is an overpopulated wasteland, while the wealthy have moved to the lush world of Mars. Ethan is a fighter pilot involved in the war between these two worlds who crashes on the enemy planet Earth.

After the huge success of his prior project, Terry has begun production of a new film “Sanctuary – Population One” which will tell the story of how Ethan arrived on Mars and joined the war effort as a super soldier. Like the first film in the series, “Sanctuary – Population One” will utilize powerful storytelling set against a visually captivating backdrop. Terry will use a variety of filmmaking technologies like drone and Red Epic cameras to enhance the story and transport audiences to a devastated, war-torn future.

“Sanctuary – Population One” is being created by some of the most talented cast and crew in the global filmmaking community. Director/writer/producer Terry Marriott has worked on major Hollywood movies including “Jurassic World,” “Jupiter Ascending,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Thor: The Dark World.” He is supported by Rami Mikhail, Ronin Traynor, Jesse Hutch, Christopher Foran, Evan Roberts, Jon Campling, Robyn Westcott, Sean Millington and Don McLeod, as well as many other Hollywood veterans.

As a sequel, the stakes for “Sanctuary – Population One” are considerably higher, so the production team has planned a more intensive production scheme that will include more special effects, green screen VFX, aerial photography, and more location shoots. The film will be shot in the UK and Vancouver.

To make “Sanctuary – Population One” the cinematic triumph it deserves to be Terry Marriott and his team have sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. If you back this project and help them reach their campaign goal of £5,000, you can receive valuable perks like digital script download, shout out on the “Sanctuary – Population One” Facebook page, film download, end credit, music score download, T-shirt, T-shirt signed by cast & crew, signed concept art, signed script, photo shoot with cast member, extra role in “Sanctuary – Population One”, or signed version of Ethan’s helmet.

To learn more about “Sanctuary – Population One” or to make a donation to this campaign, please visit https://goo.gl/kOPiw5

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