LOS ANGELES, CA – 16 June, 2016 – After a six-year wait, St. Louis native Redd da Killer Bee is ready to conjure up a perfect storm of success in the hip-hop arena with the official release of his sophomore album Birth by Sleep.

Preceded by the singles “Ambition” and “Caught in a Fantasy”, the latter of which has received over 100,000 streams and views on YouTube, Birth by Sleep may have taken several years to materialize but was created with only the purest intentions. “With all of my art, I’m just expressing myself,” he says. “That’s why there’s been such a gap in between albums. Charts and record sales are nice but I don’t do anything unless I feel there’s a personal need to.”

The intriguing title alone gives indication that this may be an atypical project to emerge in the current hip-hop landscape but it’s nonetheless a deeply personal and creative step forward for Redd. “Birth by Sleep means a transformation; evolution,” he explains in regards to the album’s title and concept. “The title comes from one of the Kingdom Hearts video games. In the game, one of the characters falls, not to his death but, to his “sleep” and his heart merges with another’s heart, which causes him to be reborn in a sense. I can relate.”

With such a personal rebirth came a creative rebirth for Redd as well, which caused an evolution in and elevation of his sound. On the album, the more introspective, cerebral and mystical lyrics and concepts are combined with heavy and raw hip-hop beats supplied by the likes of DJ AlleyCatt and Raymo, S. Jones and Grammy award nominee Yonni. “It’s a really holistic album as I dive into the different aspects of self and different realms of life. The album is sequenced into one body from 4 different parts. There’s my personal views of myself, others and society in general (the Intro through “Royal Radiance”); my transcendence to a higher plane (“Just Too Small” through “I Miss Me”); my return to reality (“Light in the Dark” through “Caught in a Fantasy”) and finally introspection (“Anew Steps” through the “Outro to Light”).”

While such depth may be seen as a repellant to the current crowd of hip-hop fans, there’s hope among Redd and his team that it will be viewed more as a refreshment. “Rappers today just want to go viral. They just want to be a catchphrase, a hashtag, a musical get-rich-quick scheme,” says Jay Lew, Redd’s manager and CEO of his management company Good Music Revival. “The rappers who even dare to try and have some depth out the gate are still the outliers, the outsiders, the oddballs. So it’s a battle to even get this kind of music heard but I think it’s worthy. You can’t just dismiss the relevance of something unless you stop, absorb and think about how relevant it is or isn’t to you. And, sometimes, it’s relevant simply because it actually made you think.”

Redd understands the battle he’s signed up for and, thanks to that half-a-decade break between albums, he’s fully energized to continue his grind and keep the conversation about the new album going. “I hope others can enjoy it and appreciate it but I made this album for me. This is my rebirth, my new beginning, my Birth by Sleep so it’s going to be my success as well.”

Birth by Sleep is available now for purchase and streaming.


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Redd da Killer Bee is represented by Jay Lew at G.M.R. Management based out of Los Angeles.

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