New Book Answers America’s Questions About Underlying Cause Of The Tragic Orlando Mass-Shooting

ANN ARBOR, MI – 17 June, 2016 – As America grasps for answers to explain the tragedy of the worst mass shooting in its history, an author states that his new book addresses that concern in detail. Mr. J. Ross felt compelled over the last five years to write a book about the founding of the USA that would look at the biggest problems currently faced by our country. When some of the recent presidential candidates spoke of these same issues, J. Ross decided to refine his manuscript into a book to alert America to the existential threat of these problems. This book was recently released in spring of 2016; its title is Donald Trump And Ben Carson Are Right: About Islam And America.

The author states, “The roots of the Orlando shooting actually go all the way back to America’s formative years, and in fact President Thomas Jefferson had to deal with them; which resulted in creating the U.S. Marines then to combat the same ideology that resurfaced in Orlando.” The book begins with the founding of America in order to have a sufficiently broad perspective to enable focusing down on our current problems by placing them under the lens of history to clarify the issues.

Major themes of the book are America’s true history as a Christian country, the truth about Islam from its very beginning through today, and gun control. As a lawyer, Mr. Ross weaves an interesting story about our constitutional foundation. As a former U.S. Army Vietnam Era infantryman, to help prepare the defense of his country, he serves as a modern day Paul Revere to warn America that “the Islamists are coming!”

Donald Trump And Ben Carson Are Right: About Islam And America has received entirely Five-Star reviews on Amazon, where it is available. Critics reviewing it include a former Professor of Constitutional Law who says, “It was, for me, a very worthwhile read as it introduced me to facts of which I was unaware and reminded me of many things I had forgotten.”

Appendices of the book includes an article on why this Orlando type of attack may be happening now, as well as a list of similar such attacks on American soil. The book is extensively documented with numerous footnotes to original sources and scholarly authorities. It provides solid and timely answers to the questions Americans are now asking about the underlying cause of the tragic Orlando mass-shooting.

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